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Although our homes are shrinking, that doesn’t necessarily mean that heating bills are getting smaller — especially if your home is fitted with the wrong size boiler.  

When it comes to replacing your old boiler, you could end up spending more than you need to on an appliance that’s too large because of how much power it takes to run. On the other hand, a boiler that’s too small for your property means you run the risk of running out of hot water.

Don’t be confused about what ‘boiler size’ actually means either — it’s actually not the physical size of the appliance that we’re describing. Boiler size is measured by its output in kilowatts (kW), so the more power it generates in kWs, the ‘larger’ the boiler is. 

Visit our blog to learn more about Britain’s Shrinking Homes, including more fascinating statistics about house sizes and a closer look at why our properties are getting smaller. The data for this research was collected between March 22 and April 29 2021, using sites including rightmove.co.uk and atticstorage.co.uk.

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