Do I have to register 1 Max boiler a month to be eligible to apply for Max Accreditation?

No. You must register any of the qualifying products to accumulate 60 Max points in the previous 6 months to be eligible to apply for Max Accreditation*.

This could be in any combination of boilers and controls being registered through Connect in the 6 months prior to your application. It could be all qualifying products registered in a month for 6 months. Or even several in the 1st month, none in the 2nd, and remaining in the 3rd and then nothing for the final 3 months before applying. This just needs to accumulate to 60 Max Points for eligible products.

This means that even if you install fewer boilers and controls in the warmer months, you can still be eligible for Max Accreditation throughout the year.

You must also have registered at least 1 boiler through Connect in 60 days prior to your application. This could be 1 of your Max boiler registrations, or another eligible boiler*.

*Terms and conditions apply.