Is Max Accreditation open to all Connect loyalty scheme members, regardless of their loyalty tier?

Yes, Max Accreditation is open to Bronze, Silver and Gold members of the Connect loyalty scheme. The scheme supports Installers wanting to offer the extended 12 year warranty on the Vogue Max, along with other business development and support benefits.

As long as you are registering a minimum of 6 Max boilers in every 6 month period, you are likely to be eligible to join the Max Accreditation scheme*. We encourage all companies, regardless of size, to see if they are eligible to apply by logging into their online Connect account.

Not eligible for Max Accreditation at the moment? No problem. We still reward your loyalty with our Connect loyalty scheme. There are lots of benefits of being a Connect loyalty scheme member, including increasing points earned on registrations as you move up the loyalty tiers*, trips abroad with Premier Club and seasonal incentives such as cashback.

*Terms and conditions apply.