A message from our CEO, Shaun Edwards

We have the knowledge, experience, and skills to play our part in ensuring the nation achieves its Net Zero targets and so our customers have the best and most advanced solutions for heating and hot water, whatever their needs and requirements.

We believe in a sustainable and greener future that involves multiple technologies.

WHAT ISIdeal Environmental?

Ideal Heating are working hard on our next generation of products, whether that be heat pumps, heat interface units, or hydrogen boilers. Ideal Environmental is the best place to keep up to date with the latest news, products and resources Ideal Heating has to offer. You’ll find video tutorials, product video guides, legislation updates and FAQs on our full environmental range.

We are looking to the future with the UK's homeowners, businesses and installers in mind.

At Ideal Heating we believe the solutions of the future are worth working hard for, providing the highest quality and offering genuine ease of use. While we recognise there will be many products that come together to achieve the Net Zero target, we promise we will work with all stakeholders to ensure our solutions are right for the UK market going forward.

Decarbonisation and Social Housing

Climate change and decarbonisation are often described as the biggest challenges faced by our planet, with changes required in many aspects of daily life to reduce carbon emissions and waste.

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Decarbonisation & the Part L Building Regulations for New Build Housing

As the pressure around climate change increases and the UK government ramps up activities to drive towards Net Zero by 2050 (2045 in Scotland), drastic changes are required to domestic heating — with electrification and an increased use of heat pumps at the forefront.

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How to Choose an Eco Friendly Boiler

Ideal Heating explains how to find a more eco friendly & efficient condensing boiler, as well as exploring possible alternatives to gas boilers like heat pumps.

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10 Eco-Friendly Methods & Ideas for New Build Homes

Wondering how to create a sustainable eco home? From reusable building materials to extra insulation, Ideal Heating share eco-friendly ideas for new build homes...

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Decarbonisation of domestic heating: An introduction

Ideal Heating provides high efficiency boilers which include Combi boilers, system boilers and new boilers. Find an installer for a new boiler.

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