HydrogenThe Future Of Hydrogen

Hydrogen is seen as a key technology in facilitating the UK’s pathway to achieving its Net Zero goal. It offers several benefits which give it great potential as we transition to a low-carbon economy.

With work towards 100% hydrogen deployment underway, our customers still need efficient, affordable heating and hot water today. 

Ideal Heating’s highly efficient range of domestic boilers that can run on either natural gas or a 20% hydrogen blend provides our customers with an efficient, reliable central heating solution that is ready for the future.

HydrogenThe Future of Commercial Heating

We remain committed to our founding principles of quality, innovation, and value building – this means we’ll continue to provide unrivalled support to our customers in selecting the best heating solution for their projects, now and in the future.

HydrogenFrequently Asked Questions

THE BEST OF THE BEST20% Hydrogen Blend Ready Boilers

These Ideal domestic boilers are ready to run safely and efficiently on a 20% hydrogen blend with no technical adjustments, providing energy for households’ heating and hot water with minimal disruption. 

  • Combi Boilers

    Combi Boilers

    Combi boilers are better suited to smaller households with one bathroom. They are the full package in one compact unit supplying heating & hot water.

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  • System Boilers

    System Boilers

    System boilers are suited to homes with multiple bathrooms and, as they only require a cylinder to store hot water, they are perfect for homes with little or no loft space.

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  • Heat Only Boilers

    Heat Only Boilers

    Often considered the traditional boiler, heat only boilers require a separate hot water cylinder and cold-water storage tank and are perfect for homes with multiple bathrooms.

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