Here at Ideal Heating, we offer a wide range of boilers to suit you and your property, including combi, system and heat only models.

  • Combi Boilers - Ideal Heating

    Combi Boilers

    Combi boilers are better suited to smaller households with one bathroom. They are the full package in one compact unit supplying heating & hot water.

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  • System Boilers - Ideal Heating

    System Boilers

    System boilers are suited to homes with multiple bathrooms and as they only require a cylinder to store hot water, they are perfect for homes with little or no loft space.

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  • Product Type Heat HO & I

    Heat Only Boilers

    Heat only boilers, or conventional boilers, require a separate hot water cylinder and cold-water storage tank and are perfect for homes with multiple bathrooms.

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The Ideal Heating Thermstore range of stainless steel cylinders are manufactured to the highest standards and are designed to complement our heat and system boilers.

  • Ideal Heat Pump Cylinder

    The Ideal Heating stainless steel unvented heat pump cylinder is specifically designed for installation with the Ideal heat pump.

    • 25 year vessel warranty*
    • Lightest cylinder on the market
    • Highly efficient multi-coil heat exchanger
    • Available in sizes up-to 300 litres
    • Slimline models available
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  • Ideal Cylinder

    Our range of Ideal Thermstore cylinders combines excellent product quality and outstanding value. We have eight models in the range, all with a 2 year parts and labour warranty*.

    • 25 year vessel warranty*
    • 2 year parts and labour warranty*
    • Available in sizes up-to 400 litres
    • Corrugated heating coil
    • Manufactured from duplex stainless steel
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Choosing the right heating system controls is just as important as choosing the right product. Our system boilers, combi boilers and heat only boilers are fully compatible with a range of Ideal Heating boiler controls.


Our range of system boilers, combi boilers and heat only boilers are fully compatible with a wide range of accessories.

  • Ideal Heating System Filter

    A magnetic filter for use with all Ideal boilers, the Ideal Heating System Filter is designed to optimise your boiler's operation by removing impurities from the water that passes through your boiler.

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  • Weather Compensation Kit

    Our weather compensation kit works by measuring the temperature outside the home and adjusting the temperature of the radiators inside accordingly. 

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