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Everything You Need to Know About Boiler Servicing

Everything You Need to Know About Boiler Servicing

Are you looking to understand more about Ideal boiler services? Discover what a boiler service entails, when you should book a gas service, if it’s a legal requirement, and how to book your Gas Safe inspection.

What is a Boiler Service? 

A gas boiler service is a manual inspection performed by a Gas Safe registered engineer. The engineer will inspect your boiler for any gas leaks and faults which, if not detected, could lead to fires or explosions that may put your home and family at risk.  

What Should I Expect from an Ideal Boiler Service? 

When your engineer arrives you need to make sure they supply you with their Gas Safe ID card, which verifies that the engineer is qualified to perform work on gas appliances. Your engineer will ask if you have experienced any problems with your boiler before carrying out the inspection.  

During the Gas Safe inspection, the engineer will check for any leaks and faults, tighten the pipework and supply you with a CP12 certificate (also known as a Gas Safe Certificate). A Gas Safe Certificate informs you that your gas appliances are safe to use.  

How Long Does it Take to Service an Ideal Boiler?  

The service on your Ideal boiler should take no longer than 45 minutes to an hour, depending on whether the Gas Safe registered engineer finds any leaks or faults. When booking your Ideal gas boiler service, most engineers will be happy to agree on a date and time that works for you.  

When Should My Boiler Be Serviced? 

Your boiler is a key part of your home as it provides heating and hot water. It is really important that you look after your boiler so it runs efficiently season after season.  

There are three main reasons you should get your boiler serviced every year; safety, efficiency, and your warranty. An annual boiler service will ensure it keeps running safely and for longer, keeping your home and family warm and safe.  

Is It a Legal Requirement to Have Your Boiler Serviced? 

If you are a landlord it’s a legal requirement to have a gas boiler service and obtain a Gas Safety certificate every year. As a landlord, you are required to ensure that all gas appliances are checked and safe to use by your property's tenants.  

A Gas Safe certificate is a legal requirement for landlords and must be handed to your tenant before moving in or within 28 days of the inspection. The CP12 certificate proves to your tenant that the gas appliances within the property are fit for purpose.  

If you’re a tenant renting a property, you should check that your landlord is arranging these gas safety checks every 12 months to make sure that gas appliances in the property are operating safely and effectively. 

Can Not Having My Boiler Serviced Impact My Warranty?  

If you were to not have your annual boiler service this could invalidate your warranty and stop you from receiving any of the Ideal guarantee benefits. Many warranty terms and conditions state that they require you to book a Gas Safe registered engineer to conduct an annual boiler service every year. This allows them to check your boiler is running efficiently and can avoid any future breakdowns.  

What are the Benefits of Getting Your Boiler Serviced?  

There are several benefits to getting your gas boiler serviced. This includes potentially lowering your energy expenses, keeping your boiler under warranty, expanding its lifespan, and most importantly keeping you safe.  

Having an annual gas boiler service will ensure your home is a safer place - a damaged, faulty boiler can lead to dangerous explosions, fires, and even carbon monoxide poisoning. Having your boiler serviced annually will help to catch any faults early and protect your home and family. 

Should I Get a Boiler Service Plan?  

Gas boiler service plans, also known as boiler cover, can help put your mind at rest in case an emergency occurs and you need to arrange a boiler service. It usually entails a monthly fee, and you will be assured that a Gas Safe registered engineer is sent out to you as soon as possible to fix any faults.  

How Do I Book a Service?

To book an annual service, contact your local Gas Safe registered installer. When booking you will need your installer’s details, which may be found on the front of your boiler or in your boiler log book. 

However, if you can’t find your boiler installer’s details, you can find a local installer using our ‘Find an Installer’ tool. Alternatively, you can contact us by calling 01482 498660.  

How Can I Check My Boiler is Still Under Warranty?  

If you are unsure if your Ideal boiler is still under warranty and want to check the costs you may incur during your Gas Safety inspection, simply check your boiler documentation to find out how long you have left on your warranty. 

You’ll find further advice on gas safety, servicing, and boiler care in our FAQs, as well as more in-depth guides on the Ideal Heating blog.