What is aHIU?

A HIU (Heat Interface Unit) is the piece of equipment that services an end user’s property, transferring heat from a heat network system into their building. Our POD unit looks very much like a traditional gas boiler from the outside, has similar controls and is normally installed discreetly in a store cupboard or service hatch compartment. However, instead of burning gas to heat water, they use the thermal energy in the hot water that is piped in from the network to heat the end users’ hot water and heating system.

Why Are Heat Networks Important?

According to the UK government’s Clean Growth Strategy, heat networks could meet around 20% of demand for heating and hot water in buildings by 2050. This means they are set to play a vital role in our efforts to achieve Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Heat networks are able to use any energy source, from renewable energy to heat recovered from industrial processes that would otherwise be wasted. This provides a flexible solution for new build homes, social housing and retrofitting legacy housing stock, because there is no need for flue routes or gas connections to individual properties. The economies of scale involved can also make heat networks far more efficient than every end user having their own individual boiler, meaning lower energy bills for households and businesses.

HIUFrequently Asked Questions

With heat interface units helping us contribute to the decarbonisation of the UK and progress towards the government’s Net Zero targets, they’ve been rapidly gaining popularity. Browse our most frequently asked question about heat interface units...

THE BEST OF THE BESTHeat Interface Units

Our POD Heat Interface Units help to distribute heat through domestic or commercial properties with the benefits of low maintenance, less energy consumption and reduced bills for tenants. Ideal for residential properties, our POD HIU is available in outputs of 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70 kW...

  • POD Heat Interface Unit (HIU)

    POD Heat Interface Unit (HIU)

    POD combines the efficiency of an HIU with the ease of use provided by a boiler. 

    Engineered to look and work like a domestic boiler, POD's simple user interface and OpenTherm compatibility make it straightforward to control. 

    Available in Indirect and Direct models.

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