Ideal Premier Club Destination - Miami

Fancy the Ideal trip away? If you haven’t heard already, we will be heading to Miami in 2019 with our lucky Ideal Premier Club members. Already interested? Sign up now and start registering your Logic+ and Vogue installs: 

Located in the State of Florida, Miami is one of the United States most popular tourist attractions with over 10 million visitors per year! People flock to Miami for its beaches, hotels, clubs and celebrity attractions. The man-made island was founded in 1844 by Julia Tuttle (the only US city to be founded by a woman) and is the most southernly major city in the continental United States.

Miami is probably most famous for its beaches, especially the popular, Miami Beach. Suntan lotion (which was invented by Miami pharmacist, Benjamin Green) is a must in Miami, especially in the summer as temperatures can rise to 31°c. Although officially Miami has never received any snowfall, it is rumoured to have snowed one day in 1977, so be prepared for anything.  

It’s not only the beaches to see in Miami, it brags over 800 Art Deco buildings, the largest collection in the world. It has a renowned, historical nightlife, from fine dining to notorious, luxurious nightclubs. It boasts the largest cruise ship port in the world and is the only city to be bordered by two national parks. Miami is also famous for its diversity, there are over 60 different languages spoken in Miami, with a very large percentage of the population being Hispanic or Caribbean. Whilst in Miami, you can have a taste of Cuba in Little Cuba or visit Haiti in Little Haiti, both areas bursting with colourful architecture and hip moving music.

If you’re a fan of sports, Miami has it covered. Miami is home to some of the most famous sport names in the world. Basketball team Miami Heat play in the NBA and have one of the legends of the sport in Dwayne Wade. Miami is also home to NFL team Miami Dolphins and baseball team Miami Marlins who play in the MLB. Tennis Aces Venus & Serena Williams are Miami residents as well as part time Wrestler, full time Hollywood superstar, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and boxing legend, Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather Jr. Even Mr. Golden Balls himself is investing in Miami, creating a new ‘Soccer’ franchise which will see Miami have its very own team play in the MLS.

Famous faces? Got it covered. From Lady Gaga to Frank Sinatra, the legends of entertainment have all had a history with Miami. The likes of Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin all used to regularly perform, drink and stay in Miami, it was and still is a hub of who’s who for entertainment. It’s not just entertainers it’s popular with either, Hollywood films throughout the years have used Miami as a backdrop with famous films such as the 1964 Bond film Gold Finger, Starring Sean Connery and Christopher Lee, filmed at the famous Fontainebleau Hotel. Al Pacino’s Scarface, Police Academy 2, The Bodyguard and Ace Ventura are a few more notable movies made in Miami.

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