Important changes to the Benchmark & Commissioning of Boilers

From 1st April 2014 all boiler manufacturers will be implementing a change in the Benchmark and commissioning of boilers.

To ensure you can easily understand the changes, we've summarised them below.

The change requires all installers and heating engineers to now follow the procedure of checking and recording CO levels and combustion ratio (CO/CO2) in flue gases at both maximum and minimum rates when commissioning and servicing a boiler.

This replaces the previous check of CO2 or CO or ratio requirement at maximum rate only.

It is important to note that this new requirement of the Benchmark commissioning checklist will become a condition of the boiler’s warranty from 1st April 2014. Not completing this check could invalidate the boiler warranty.

The Benchmark changes follow discussions between all boiler manufactures, the HHIC (Heating and Hotwater Industry Council) and Gas Safe Register with the full support the HSE and BIS from Government.

Download an example of the revised Benchmark checklist and process flow chart click here to download.