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Evomax 2 Troubleshooting Manual

Evomax 2 Troubleshooting Manual

Taking care of your Evomax 2 boiler is made simple with the help of this troubleshooting guide, which is packed full of tips and information from its user manual. In this user guide we’ll answer a wide range of frequently asked questions about this popular central heating solution.

We’ve collected together handy information from the full Evomax 2 user guide, including a guide to understanding its control panel, as well as taking a quick look at what makes condensing boilers so efficient. You’ll also find information on boiler frost protection and learn how the Evomax 2’s condensate drain helps prevent boiler condensate from freezing.

Introducing the Evomax 2

The highly efficient Evomax 2 is a heat only boiler, so it works together with a cylinder and a pair of water tanks to heat your home and supply it with hot water. This impressive model also features an easy-to-use status display that includes temperature controls.

The Evomax 2 offers a wide range of sizes and is available in outputs of 30kW, 40kW, 60kW, 80kW, 100kW, 120kW and 150kW. A compact and robust central heating solution, it is manufactured in the UK and built with quality and reliability in mind.

A Highly Efficient Condensing Boiler

The Evomax 2 is a modern and efficient condensing boiler, which means it uses less fuel to provide your home with central heating than older models. Condensing boilers waste very little heat because they are able to recycle energy from gases produced by burning fuel. 

This additional energy is used to keep the water in your central heating system warmer for longer. At Ideal Heating, we have put together a user-friendly guide to help you learn more about how condensing boilers work.

The Evomax 2 Controls

The image below shows the layout of your Evomax 2 boiler’s control panel, which you can refer back to elsewhere on this page.

A. Rotary Knob

B. LCD Display Screen

C. Burner LED

D. Select Button

E. Back Button

F. Reset Button

Frost Protection

The Evomax 2 boiler’s control system comes equipped with frost protection to protect it against freezing. This means it will switch on automatically if the temperature of the water in your central heating system drops too low and there is a risk it may freeze. 

It’s important to note that the frost protection function for the Evomax 2 boiler will not work if it’s been fully switched off and disconnected from the mains supply.

Condensate Drain

The Evomax 2 is a condensing boiler, so it is able to recycle water vapour from the heating process. These gases can then be used as another source of heat, increasing the efficiency of your boiler. This process creates condensation (boiler condensate), which is then safely released through a condensate pipe or drain.

Your Evomax 2 boiler uses a condensate trap system to prevent this boiler condensate from freezing, which would interfere with the running of the appliance. There are instructions on page 26 of the full PDF of the user guide that explain what to do if your condensate pipe freezes.

Cleaning and Maintenance

To help keep your Evomax 2 boiler clean, try dusting it with a dry cloth on a regular basis. If you discover a tricky mark or stain, wipe the appliance down using a damp, non-abrasive cloth, then finish it off by wiping with a dry cloth. 

In order to keep your Evomax 2 boiler working as safely and efficiently as possible, make sure it receives a service at least once a year. You need a Gas Safe-registered engineer to carry out this work, which will help keep your central heating system in great working condition for years to come.

Evomax 2 Warranty Information

The Evomax 2 boiler includes up to 5 years' parts and labour warranty, which is available subject to being commissioned by Ideal Heating — for more information please see our terms and conditions. To learn even more about Ideal Heating’s Evomax range, please visit our commercial website.

To find a full list of fault codes and more helpful troubleshooting tips for your boiler, download the PDF of the Evomax 2 user guide.