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Halo Air Compatible Products

Please see below for a full list of products the Halo Air thermostat range is compatible with;

Heat Pumps

Logic Air 4kW

Logic Air 5kW

Logic Air 8kW

Logic Air 10kW

Boiler Hybrids

Logic Combi² C24

Logic Combi² C30

Logic Combi² C35

Logic Heat² H12

Logic Heat² H15

Logic Heat² H18

Logic Heat² H24

Logic Heat² H30

Logic System² S15

Logic System² S18

Logic System² S24

Logic System² S30

Logic Combi ESP1 C24

Logic Combi ESP1 C30

Logic Combi ESP1 C35

Logic Code Combi ESP1 C26

Logic Code Combi ESP1 C33 

Logic Code Combi ESP1 C38