Looking for information about the compact and efficient Logic Code Combi ESP1 boiler from Ideal Heating? This dependable model has a range of fantastic features and is really easy to use, featuring boiler frost protection and durable, high quality parts. 

Just in case you have any questions about operating or caring for your gas boiler, we’ve pulled out key information from the model’s manual here.

Introducing the Logic Code Combi ESP1

An incredible choice for energy efficiency, the Logic Code Combi ESP1 is available in sizes of 26, 33 and 38kW. Recommended by the Energy Saving Trust, this dependable model is a combi boiler and supplies both the hot water and central heating to your property. 

Operation Modes

You can change the operation mode on your Logic Code Combi ESP1 to suit the weather outside. In the hotter months you’ll need to use your central heating less often, while towards the end of the year we’ll all be reaching for the thermostat to keep out the cold.

Summer Mode

To let your boiler know you only need it to provide domestic hot water, simply move the ‘Mode’ knob (on the far right) to point to the tap icon (summer). Next, switch the central heating demand on the external control to OFF. 

Winter Mode

When you need your Logic Code Combi ESP1 to provide both central heating and domestic hot water, it’s simple to set up. Move the Mode knob so it’s pointing at the icon showing a tap and radiator (winter). 

Your boiler will prioritise making sure there is hot water available for taps and showers in this mode, as well as firing and supplying heat to your radiators. 

Boiler Off

To switch your boiler off, set the mode knob to ‘BOILER OFF’. However, if you want your frost protection to continue working you'll need to make sure the boiler mains power supply remains connected and turned on.

Boiler Frost Protection

Your Logic Code Combi ESP1’s frost protection works in all modes, as long as its power supply remains switched on. This useful feature will spring into action if the water in your boiler falls below 5ºC, preventing it from freezing and causing damage to the appliance.

Keeping Your Boiler Pump in Good Condition

The boiler pump in your central heating system helps to move around the hot water needed for your central heating system. This component will operate for a short time each day as a self-check, no matter whether there is actually demand for hot water.

What to Do If You Suspect a Gas Leak

In the event that you think there may be a gas leak in your home, you should get in touch with National Gas Emergency Service immediately by calling them on 0800 111 999. 

Extra precautions to take in this situation include not operating any electrical switches (either to turn something on or off) and making sure any naked flames are extinguished. You should also open all windows and doors to provide plenty of ventilation to your property.

Fault Codes for Your Logic Code Combi ESP1

Here’s a brief explanation of some of the fault codes you might see displayed if there are any issues with your boiler:

F1 - Low Water Pressure

If you see this code, check that the system water pressure is between 1 and 1.5bar on the boiler’s system pressure gauge. For a guide to re-pressurising your system, see Section 3 of the PDF manual.

F3 - Fan Fault

Restart your boiler if you see this code to see if that solves the problem. If it still fails to operate, get in touch with Ideal (if the appliance is still under warranty) or contact a Gas Safe registered engineer.

F7 - Low  Mains Voltage

If this message is displayed on your boiler, we recommend contacting either a qualified electrician or your electricity provider to help resolve the issue.

To find a full explanation of all fault codes and helpful troubleshooting tips for your boiler, download the PDF of the Logic Code Combi ESP1 user guide.

You can keep your Logic Code Combi ESP1 boiler in the best condition by registering your warranty with Ideal Heating and having it serviced at least once a year by a Gas Safe registered engineer.