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Logic Combi Troubleshooting Manual

Logic Combi Troubleshooting Manual

Got questions about the Ideal Logic combi boiler? We have taken key information from the user manual and put together this simple-to-follow guide, including information on operation modes, timer instructions and a quick troubleshooting section. 

You’ll also find a link to the full PDF of the Ideal Logic combi manual to keep hold of for future reference.

Available in outputs of 24kW, 30kW & 35kW,  this reliable and efficient gas boiler is simple and straightforward to use.

So, where’s the best place to get started with the Ideal Logic combi?

Introduction to the Ideal Logic Combi

This model is a combination (combi) boiler that provides your home with central heating and instant hot water from your taps and shower. When it comes to installation, this appliance should always be fitted by a Gas Safe registered engineer, and is small enough to fit into standard kitchen cupboards.

Operation Modes

Trying to figure out how to operate your Ideal Logic Combi Boiler? Below are three of the main operation modes to help keep your home warm and your water flowing hot.

Winter Conditions — (Central Heating and Domestic Hot Water required)

Set the Mode knob (on the far right) to the icon showing a tap and radiator (winter).

In this mode, the boiler will fire and transfer heat to the radiators to keep your home warm and cosy. However, it will prioritise supplying your home with hot water on demand. 

The domestic hot water preheat will work with the ‘PREHEAT’ button pressed so that the display shows “HOT WATER PREHEAT ON”.

Summer Conditions - (Domestic Hot Water only required)

Set the Mode knob to the icon showing a tap (summer), and turn the central heating demand on the external controls to OFF. 

The domestic hot water preheat will operate with the ‘PREHEAT’ button pressed so that the display shows “HOT WATER PREHEAT ON”.

Boiler Off

Set the Mode knob to ‘BOILER OFF’. When setting this mode, it’s important to keep in mind that the boiler mains power supply must be left on so that frost protection continues to work.

Using the Ideal Logic Combi Efficiently

This boiler is a high efficiency, condensing model. It works by automatically adjusting its output to use less energy and match how much demand there is for heat in your home.

To operate your boiler most efficiently and use less energy, turn the central heating temperature knob to the ‘e‘ position or lower. Over the winter months, you may need to turn the knob towards the ‘MAX’ position in order to meet heating requirements — it’ll depend on your house and the number of radiators in use. 

A useful tip to bear in mind is that reducing your room thermostat setting by 1ºC can reduce gas consumption by up to 10%. This could also lead to savings on your utility bills.

Boiler Frost Protection

The Ideal Logic combi boiler is fitted with frost protection that operates in all modes, as long as the power supply to the boiler is kept on. If the water in your boiler falls below 5ºC, frost protection will spring into action and fire up the boiler to make sure it doesn’t freeze. 

If a system frost thermostat has been installed, the boiler must be set in winter mode (the icon with the tap and radiator), in order for the system frost protection to work properly.

Monitoring the System’s Water Pressure

The system pressure gauge (on the far left of your boiler) shows the pressure of your central heating system. In the event that the pressure falls below the original installation pressure of 1-2 bar and continues to fall, it could mean there’s a water leak. 

The first thing to try is re-pressurising the system, as shown on page 4 of the full instruction manual — whether your Logic Combi is 24, 30 or 35kW, the water pressure process is the same. 

If you have problems with this job or find the pressure is still dropping, get in touch with a Gas Safe registered engineer for more advice.

Understanding Fault Codes for the Ideal Logic Combi

From time to time you may find that your boiler shows a fault code. If you’re unsure what they relate to, fault codes can be worrying, which is why we have brought together a quick guide to what some of these alerts mean.

‘F1’ on Your Ideal Logic Combi

Low Water Pressure — If you see this code, check to see if the system water pressure is between 1 & 1.5bar on the system pressure gauge. If this is the issue, try re-pressurising the system (as outlined on page 4 of the user manual).

‘F2’ on Your Ideal Logic Combi

Flame Loss — First of all, check any other gas appliances in your home to confirm your gas supply is working. If you find other gas appliances aren’t working or you don’t have any others to check, look into whether the gas supply is turned on at the meter. If you have a pre-payment meter, also check whether that has credit.

‘F3’ on Your Ideal Logic Combi

Fan Fault — The boiler fan is responsible for pushing gas up and out through the flue. If you see this message, simply restart your boiler and it should resolve the issue.

‘F4’ / ‘L4’ on Your Ideal Logic Combi

Flow Thermistor — A thermistor plays an essential role in maintaining temperature within your boiler. As above, we recommend restarting your appliance if you see this fault code.

If the measures listed above don’t resolve your issue, contact Ideal for more help if your boiler is still under warranty. Otherwise, we recommend getting in touch with a Gas Safe registered engineer for further assistance.

To find the full list of fault codes for your Ideal Logic combi boiler, as well as a troubleshooting guide and information about other boiler operations, take a look at the full PDF of the Logic combi manual.

Don’t forget to register your Logic Combi Boiler warranty with Ideal and arrange an annual service to keep it in the best working condition.