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Logic Max Combi Troubleshooting Manual

Logic Max Combi Troubleshooting Manual

Your Ideal Logic Max combi boiler is really easy to take care of, and you’ll find everything you need to know about it right here. Available in outputs of 24kW, 30kW & 35kW, this easy-to-use model benefits from a system filter to keep it in great shape.

We’ve got the answers to many of the most asked questions about this popular model, looking at its operation modes, fault messages and managing its water pressure.

We’ll start our look at the Ideal Logic Max combi by explaining how it works and exploring some of its most impressive benefits.

Introduction to the Ideal Logic Max Combi

Your Logic Max combi model is a combination (combi) boiler, so it’s able to provide all of the hot water you use in your home in one impressive package. These boilers only heat up the water you need, which makes them a really efficient choice for heating your home. 

With an impressive 10-year warranty, the hardwearing and stylish Ideal Logic Max combines the best of both worlds. Compact enough to fit into a boiler cupboard and compatible with Ideal controls, it’s got a range of impressive features that we’ll examine below.

Operation Modes

There are three main operation modes for the Ideal Logix Mac Combi, which you can easily switch between depending on the time of year.

Summer Conditions — (Domestic Hot Water)

The Mode knob (on the far right) should be turned to the icon showing a tap (summer), with the central heating demand for the external controls switched to OFF. 

The domestic hot water preheat will operate with the ‘PREHEAT’ button pressed so that “HOT WATER PREHEAT ON” is displayed.

Winter Conditions — (Central Heating & Domestic Hot Water)

Turn the Mode knob to the icon that shows a tap and radiator (winter), allowing your boiler to transfer heat to your radiators. 

The domestic hot water preheat works with the ‘PREHEAT’ button pressed so that “HOT WATER PREHEAT ON” is displayed.

Boiler Off

Turn the Mode knob to ‘BOILER OFF’. Don’t forget that your boiler’s mains power supply must be left on for frost protection to continue to work.

System Water Pressure

The system pressure gauge (on the left of the display) shows the system pressure of your central heating system.

If you notice that the pressure falls below the original installation pressure of 1-2 bar and continue to fall, this may mean that there is a water leak. If this happens, your first step should be to re-pressurise the system — take a look at the user guide for full instructions on how to do this.

If you’re not feeling confident about trying to re-pressurise the boiler yourself, or if the pressure continues to drop, contact a Gas Safe registered Engineer.

Boiler Frost Protection

The Logic Max combi features frost protection that will prevent it from freezing, kicking in if the temperature ever falls as low as 5ºC. This function will work as long as the boiler is switched on at the power, so it’s important to make sure it’s always powered on. 

Fault Messages for the Ideal Logic Max Combi

If your boiler display shows a fault code or message, your boiler’s user guide can help you work out what’s going on. Here’s a summary of codes that you may see on your boiler from time to time:

‘Outside Sensor Fault’ on Your Ideal Logic Max Combi

Try restarting your boiler if you see this message, which relates to your outside sensor. This piece of equipment monitors the temperature outside so your boiler can set the temperature in your home accordingly.

‘Fan Fault’ on Your Ideal Logic Max Combi

Your boiler fan helps to make sure any potentially harmful gases created by combustion are pushed to the boiler’s flue and released safely outside. Try restarting your boiler if you see this message.

‘PCB Fault’ on Your Ideal Logic Max Combi

The PCB is the printed circuit board that makes sure all of your boiler’s electronic components work in harmony to deliver the best performance. This message indicates that your PCB has not been configured correctly.

‘Too Many Restarts’ on Your Ideal Logic Max Combi

If your boiler tries to restart on too many occasions in a set period of time, you will see this message on your display screen. The first thing you should try is turning the power off and on again at the fused spur switch.

For more help with these boiler issues, get in touch for information if your Ideal Logic Max Combi is under warranty. Otherwise, contact a Gas Safe registered engineer for further assistance.

To find the full list of fault codes for your Ideal Logic Max combi boiler, as well as a guide and information about other Ideal boiler operations from the filling loop to the flow thermistor, take a look at the full PDF manual.

Don’t forget to register your Logic Max Combi Boiler warranty with Ideal and arrange an annual service to keep it in the best working condition.