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Logic Max Heat Troubleshooting Manual

Logic Max Heat Troubleshooting Manual

This user guide for the Logic Max Heat boiler has all of the most important information you’ll need about this efficient condensing model. We’ve answered frequently asked questions about the features of this popular model, using tips taken directly from the user manual.

You’ll find handy troubleshooting tips and more in this user guide for the Logic Max Heat gas boiler, which is available in outputs of 12kW, 15kW, 18kW, 24kW & 30kW. Plus, we share information about the boiler’s controls, operating your boiler efficiently and how to keep it in the best condition.

Introducing the Logic Max Heat

The durable and user-friendly Logic Max Heat is a heat only or ‘conventional’ boiler, so it works in tandem with a cylinder and a pair of water tanks. All of these parts work together to supply your home with heating and hot water. Equipped with an Ideal system filter to make it even more efficient, this award-winning boiler is an intelligent central heating solution. 

The Ideal Logic Max Heat Controls

The Logic Max Heat has a straightforward control interface, which is explained in the image below. It’ll be helpful to refer back to some of these controls in some of the sections on this page.

Operating Your Logic Max Heat Boiler Efficiently 

The Logic Max Heat can alter its output to match the amount of heat you currently need to keep your home cosy. During the warmer months you can adjust it so that it uses less energy, which could mean that your utility bills will be cheaper.

You can help your boiler work more efficiently in the summer by turning the central heating temperature knob (A) so it’s at the ‘e‘ position or lower. When the temperatures start to cool and you need more heat from your boiler, simply rotate the knob back towards ‘MAX’. 

Ideal Logic Max Heat Troubleshooting Guide

If your Logic Max Heat is failing to provide central heating or hot water, follow the steps in the table below. This guidance will take you through the steps of working out what the issue is.

If you follow these steps and still haven’t resolved the issue, you can download a full copy of the PDF user guide on this page. It features a complete list of your boiler’s fault and display codes, as well as guidance on what they mean and the steps you should take next.

Weather Compensation

When the Logix Max Heat is fitted with a Weather Compensation Kit, it means you can use the Central Heating Temperature Control knob (A) to control room temperature. Rotate the knob clockwise and you’ll make it warmer in your home, or rotate it anticlockwise when you’re ready to turn down the temperature. 

When you find the temperature that’s right for you, simply leave the knob in this position. The weather compensation system will automatically maintain the same room temperature, no matter whether it’s getting warmer or cooler outside.

Cleaning and Maintenance

To help keep your Logix Max Heat boiler looking as clean and tidy as the day it was installed, we recommend giving it a regular wipe with a dry cloth. If you end up with a stubborn mark or stain on your boiler, use a damp, non-abrasive cloth to wipe it down and finish off with a dry cloth. 

One of the best ways to keep your boiler in the best possible condition is registering your warranty with Ideal Heating and making sure the boiler has an annual service. A service will keep your boiler working safely and efficiently, and should always be carried out by a Gas Safe-registered engineer.

Logic Max Heat Warranty Information

The Logic Max Heat boiler includes a 10 year parts and labour warranty, which is available when the appliance is registered within 30 days of installation and receives an annual service. Learn more in Ideal Heating’s terms and conditions.

What To Do If You Suspect a Gas Leak

Contact the National Gas Emergency Service immediately by calling them on 0800 111 999 if you believe that there may be a gas leak in your home. 

As a precaution you should not operate any electrical switches (either to turn something on or off) and extinguish any naked flames. To make sure there’s plenty of ventilation in your property, open as many windows and doors as possible.

To find a full explanation of all fault codes and helpful troubleshooting tips for your boiler, download the PDF of the Ideal Logic Max Heat user guide.