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Logic System Troubleshooting Manual

Logic System Troubleshooting Manual

On this page you’ll find a wealth of troubleshooting information, including a guide to the model’s controls, how to respond to fault codes, and tips on operating your boiler efficiently.

Introducing the Logic System Boiler

Your Logic boiler is a system model, which means it works hand-in-hand with a hot water cylinder to provide your home with central heating and hot water. This compact and easy-to-use boiler is a product of British innovation and features an intelligent design and user-friendly controls.

The Logic System Boiler’s Controls

This image explains the layout of your boiler’s control panel, and will be referenced within this page for ease of use.

Operating Your Logic System Boiler Efficiently

The Logic System has been designed with efficiency in mind. Like all modern condensing boilers, its smart design means it will adjust its output automatically, depending on how much heat it’s being called on to produce. This keeps energy use down, which means cheaper utility bills too.

To help your boiler work as efficiently as possible, move the central heating temperature knob (H) to the ‘e‘ position or lower. Depending on the time of year, you may need to adjust this setting. For example in winter, turning the knob further towards the ‘MAX’ setting will help your boiler manage an increased demand for heat and hot water. 

How to Save Even More Energy

Here’s an additional energy-saving tip — turning down your thermostat by 1ºC can reduce the amount of gas your boiler uses by up to 10%. For even more advice on using less energy, take a look at our post 10 Ways to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Home.

What to Do if You Lose System Water Pressure

Your boiler’s pressure gauge (G) will help you monitor the pressure of your central heating system. If you notice that the pressure has fallen below 1-2 bar (the original installation pressure), this could mean there is a water leak. 

You can re-pressurise your Logic System to 1 bar using the boiler’s filling loop, which will temporarily allow water in from the mains. When the pressure has reached 1 bar, turn off the tap on the filling loop and press the boiler’s “RESTART” button. If you’re not sure about how to do any of this, try getting in touch with your installer for more advice.

If you still have problems with the water pressure or don’t feel confident handling this task yourself, we recommend getting in touch with a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Troubleshooting Your Logic System Boiler

The graphic below shows the steps to take if you experience problems with your boiler, explaining what to do if you find you have no central heating or no hot water.

You can find a complete list of fault and display codes in the downloadable PDF version of the user guide at the bottom of this page.

Understanding Common Fault Codes

From time to time, your boiler may display fault codes to let you know something’s not quite right. In this section, we’ve put together a quick explanation about what some of these codes mean.

F1 — Low Water Pressure

  • For this code, take a look at the pressure gauge to see whether  the system water pressure is between 1 and 1.5 bar. 

  • For more on repressuring your system, see the section


    What to Do if You Lose System Water Pressure

    , above.

F2 — Flame Loss

  • If your boiler displays this code, your first step is to investigate to see whether other gas appliances in your home are working — this will tell you whether or not any gas is being supplied to your property.

  • If other gas appliances are also not working (or you have no other gas appliances to check), take a look at whether the gas supply is on at the meter. If you have a prepayment meter, check whether it has credit. 

  • If you can’t see any reason that your boiler shouldn’t be working, get in touch with us at Ideal Heating if your boiler is under warranty, or alternatively contact a Gas Safe registered engineer for further assistance.

L2 — Ignition Lockout

  • For this fault code, the first step is to check your boiler’s condensate pipe for blockages (refer to


    Section 3


    of the full PDF User Guide for more information). Next, check whether other gas appliances in your property are working to see whether gas is being supplied.

  • If other gas appliances are also failing work or you have nothing to check this against,  look at whether the gas supply is on at the meter. If you have a prepayment meter, check whether it has credit. 

  • If none of the above steps help you work out what the issue is, contact us at Ideal Heating for assistance if your boiler is under warranty. Alternatively, get in touch with a Gas Safe registered engineer for help resolving the issue.

To find a complete list of fault codes and troubleshooting tips for your Ideal Logic System boiler, download the complete PDF of the model’s user guide here.

Don’t forget to register your Logic System boiler warranty with Ideal and arrange an annual service to keep it in the best working condition.