This user guide for the Mexico HE heat only boiler from Ideal Heating contains useful hints, tips and information for getting the most out of your central heating. This cost-effective model is an efficient condensing boiler, recommended by the Energy Saving Trust, and is available in outputs of 15kW, 18kW, 24kW, 30kW and 36kW.

In this user guide we’ll take a look at the Mexico HE’s boiler model’s controls and day-to-day operation, as well as sharing advice on what to do if your condensate pipe freezes when temperatures drop. There are also tips to help you understand and resolve fault codes, plus details on the Mexico HE’s overheat thermostat.

Introducing the Mexico HE Heat Only Boiler

The floor-standing Mexico HE is a heat only boiler, which works with a cylinder and a pair of water tanks to provide your home with central heating to keep it warm and hot water for taps and showers. Designed to be easy to install and service, the Mexico HE is a user-friendly central heating solution that’s a great choice for larger homes.

The Mexico HE Heat Only Boiler’s Controls

The Mexico HE boiler has a user-friendly control interface. You can find a guide to understanding the layout of its control panel in the image below.

Mexico He Boiler Controls Ideal Heating

Operation of the Mexico HE Boiler

During normal day-to-day operation, the control unit display (E) of your Mexico HE boiler will show the following codes:

O - The boiler is in standby mode — there is currently no demand for heat from your household.

C - Central heating (CH) or domestic hot water (DHW) is being supplied by the boiler.

P - Boiler frost protection is active. This means the boiler will fire when the temperature is less than 3oC.

When the boiler is running normally the LED (D) will remain illuminated. During ignition the LED will flash, and if the boiler fails to light after three attempts the fault code ‘LF’ will be displayed. 

If this occurs, hold the reset button (C) for two seconds before releasing it. The boiler will then repeat the ignition sequence. 

Boiler Overheat Thermostat

The boiler overheat thermostat will shut down your Mexico HE boiler if it overheats, which will prompt the fault code ‘LA’ to be displayed. If this happens, press the reset button (C), which will mean the boiler relights. If this fault recurs, we recommend you switch off your boiler and contact a Gas Safe-registered engineer for support.

Condensate Drain

The Mexico HE is an efficient condensing boiler and recycles water vapour produced during the heating process that would otherwise go to waste. By using these gases as another source of heat, your boiler greatly increases its efficiency. The condensation produced during this process is called boiler condensate, which is released through a condensate pipe or drain.

Your Mexico HE boiler uses a condensate trap system — this helps to prevent the boiler condensate from freezing, which can cause problems with your central heating. If you’re concerned that your condensate pipe has frozen, take a look at page 3 of the full user guide for further instructions.

Troubleshooting Tips for the Mexico HE

If you find your Mexico HE boiler is not providing the central heating or hot water you need, the table below contains helpful steps to help you resolve possible causes of the problem.

Mexico He Troubleshooting Ideal Heating

What to Do If If You Suspect a Gas Leak

If you ever believe there is a gas leak in your home, get in touch with the National Gas Emergency Service as soon as possible by calling 0800 111 999. 

It’s important that you do not should not switch any electrical switches on or off. Make sure that any naked flames are extinguished and ventilate your home of fumes wherever possible, for example by opening windows and doors in your property. 

For a full list of operation display codes and troubleshooting tips for your Ideal Mexico HE boiler, download the complete PDF of the Mexico HE Heat Only user guide.

Don’t forget to register your Mexico HE Heat Only Boiler warranty with Ideal and arrange an annual service to keep it in the best working condition.