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Advantages of a Combi Boiler

Advantages of a Combi Boiler

Top 5 Advantages of a Combi Boiler 

combi boiler is one of the most common options you’ll come across if you’re looking to install or upgrade your heating system. Combi boilers are one of the most popular heating solutions in the UK, offering many advantages compared to system or conventional heating systems.

Ideal Heating has compiled the top five advantages of a combi boiler to help you decide whether this model of boiler is right for you.

1. Combi Boilers Can Be More Efficient Than Other Heating Systems

The main advantage of combi boilers is that they only heat the water you need, when you need it. Unless you have a reasonably large property with lots of bathrooms or use a lot of hot water, it’s inefficient to have water heated all the time just in case you need it. 

Combi boilers heat cold water on demand, directly from the mains water supply. That means hot water is provided instantly, rather than water being heated up constantly in case you decide to use it. That’s why combi boilers should cost less to run than other models, as well as being more environmentally friendly

A combi boiler is the perfect choice for a smaller property as you will waste less by only heating the small amount of water your property requires. However, for a larger property with many bathrooms, you could find that a combi boiler may impact your shower's water pressure and thus a system or heat only boiler may be more suitable. 

2. Unlimited Hot Water on Demand With a Combi Boiler 

As we touched on above, a great advantage of a combi boiler is that hot water is available 24/7. Most people with a conventional or system boiler have their heating set to a timer. For example, they will have their boiler set to switch off at 10pm and start heating at 7am. This saves money as water is not being heated 24/7. With a combi boiler, you can free yourself from any timers or concerns that there won’t be any hot water left for you after someone’s just come out of the bath! Hot water is available instantly, whenever you need it. This is a great advantage of a combi boiler as there is no pressure to stick to routines - enjoy a lovely warm bath or shower whenever you want one.

3. Combi Boilers Take Up Less Space

Combi boilers are a compact, space-efficient boiler. The clue is in the name - combi boilers do it all in a small and mighty package. Combi boilers provide both the heating and the hot water all in one appliance, which means there’s no need to store water in a separate cylinder or storage tank. Do you want to know more about combi boilers? Read here. 

Combi boilers fit into almost any small space, with many choosing to house their combi boiler in the kitchen, utility room or under the stairs. That’s a huge advantage if you live in a flat or don’t have a loft. For more information on choosing the right boiler size for your space, take a look at our guide.

4. Combi Boilers Can Be Cost Effective

Combi boilers often work out cheaper compared to other heating systems. Not only are they energy-efficient, saving you money on your heating bills, the installation costs of a combi boiler is usually lower than that of a traditional heating system too. There is less equipment and pipework to fit and, as the entire combi boiler system can be less complex than traditional heating systems, having a combi boiler installed should only take a few hours which could also bring installation costs down. 

If something goes wrong with your boiler after years of wear and tear, then replacing parts is likely to be cheaper compared to traditional heating systems too. Combi boiler parts are noticeably cheaper and much easier to find than parts for other heating systems. 

5. Combi Boilers Produce Cleaner Water  

Since there is no separate water tank being used with a combi boiler, you don’t need to worry about a build up of sludge. A build up of sludge can occur inside water tanks and storage cylinders used alongside system or heat only boilers, but this issue is eradicated with a combi boiler since your water is coming straight from the mains supply rather than being held in the tank. This also means that water running through the taps will be cleaner, and therefore is likely to be safer to drink. 

If you need help deciding which is the best boiler for your household, why not try our quick and easy boiler selector tool or read our advice on when to upgrade your boiler? With our experts on hand, you’re always welcome to talk to our team to help you find the best boiler for your home.