Features & Benefits

  • Highly efficient: SCOP up to 5.19*
  • Quiet Mark Approved
  • Compatibility: radiator and underfloor heating systems
  • Intuitive control: smart weather compensating controls
  • Low carbon refrigerant: zero ozone depletion and low global warming potential
  • Smart grid and solar PV compatible
  • Monobloc technology enables easy installation and servicing
  • Domestic hot water: hot, efficient and fast re-heat times with the Ideal heat pump cylinder range

The Ideal heat pump package combines three revolutionary products:

  • 1. Our quiet, compact and highly efficient monobloc heat pump
  • 2. Our industry-leading pre-plumbed heat pump cylinder
  • 3. The Halo Air heat pump thermostat

Our heat pumps are designed to work in new build and retrofit installations, working with traditional radiators and underfloor heating.

  • Energy Efficiency 519 Scop Rating Badge 1 SCOP rating up to 519%
  • Customer Service Badge 364 days a year UK customer service
  • Quiet Badge Quiet operation
  • Badge Quiet Mark QUIET MARK

Technical Specification

Available in two different outputs of 8kW & 10kW.

Designation Unit 8kW 10kW
Ideal Product Code
AH750666 AH750667
MCS Certification No.
KIWA 00027/021 HP KIWA 00027/022 HP
PCDB Index Number
Flow Temp 35°C 106762 106754
Flow Temp 45°C 106761 106753
Flow Temp 55°C 106760 106752
Heat Pump Space Heating [35°C]*
ErP Rating A+++ A+++
ƞs 145 146
SCOP (EN14825) 3.7 3.73
Heating [A 7°C / W 55°C]*
Capacity (kW) 8.2 10.3
Power Input (kW) 2.67 3.42
COP 3.07 3.01
Sound Power Level (EN 12102 - 1)
35°C db(A) 55 55
55°C db(A) 55 55
Pipework Connection Sizes
Heating F/R (mm) 28mm 28mm
Dimensions Outdoor Unit (mm)
Width 1095 1095
Depth 518 518
Height 1008 1008
Weight (kg)
Outdoor Unit 110 110
Electrical Data
Electrical Supply (50 Hz) 230v 230v
Phase Single Phase Single Phase
Refrigerant Charge (kg)*
R32 1.47 1.47

Certification EN 14511:2018, EN 14825:2016, EN 12102 - 1:2022

*Performance data in accordance with EN 74825, EN 12102-1,  EN 74577. The energy efficiency provided may not correspond to the actual energy once installed in a building, as the efficiency is influenced by other factors such as heat loss in the distribution system and the capacity of the products in relation to building size and characteristics.

Useful Resources

Need help with your boiler or control? Download our guides for more technical information on your boiler.

How to buy

Find an Ideal installer

Only fully trained and Gas Safe Registered installers can fit Ideal boilers, so step 1 in your purchase is to choose your local Ideal installer.

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