Features & Benefits


  • Easy to use
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Flexible scheduling with override options– next scheduled event or plus hours
  • Child lock function to avoid unwanted adjustment
  • Holiday mode to switch off the heating for a preset period without altering the schedule
  • Frost protection for reassurance that the system is protected in cold weather
  • Manual mode to disable schedule and control temperature with the dial
  • Quick and easy installation with out of the box setup
  • Wired power and control (no batteries) using the OpenTherm two wire connection
  • Minimal ongoing maintenance, no batteries to change
  • Fixed position with discrete security screw on front housing, minimal risk of tenant tampering with control
  • Advanced settings to tailor controls to tenant and landlord needs
  • Service timer function with PIN number control
  • Flexible service timer options with choice of reminder or heating setpoint restriction
  • Upper and lower temperature restriction with PIN control
  • Landlord contact number input
  • Frost protection to ensure protection of the system in cold weather
  • Clear fault reporting in plain English
  • ERP Class V
  • Enhanced load compensation provides compliance with Boiler Plus
  • Advanced features to balance comfort and efficiency
  • Optimised start ensures the home reaches temperature by the scheduled time
  • Optimised stop and delayed start features enhance efficiency and avoid needlessly heating the home
  • 2 Year Warranty Badge 2 YEAR WARRANTY

Useful Resources

  • Compatibility guide

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