Fetaures and benefits

The Ideal Cylinder range.

  • 25 year vessel warranty & 2 year parts and labour warranty
  • Hot water cylinders: work with gas (or oil) boilers to provide hot water for your home
  • Mains pressure hot water: better flow rates for your taps, bath and shower – ideal for homes with multiple bathrooms
  • Available in sizes up to 400 litres, which provides enough hot water for a 4-5 bedroom property, with 3 standard bathrooms
  • Less space required: no need for a water storage tank in the loft, freeing up valuable space, also means cylinder can be installed anywhere in the property as it isn’t gravity fed
  • Manufactured from duplex stainless steel: highly corrosion resistant material, providing quality and durability for the life of your cylinder
  • Corrugated heating coil: has a larger surface area than plain coil, allowing for faster heat transfer, quicker reheat times and therefore a more efficient cylinder
  • New flat top design: increased insulation by 20%, improving ErP ratings which results in a more efficient cylinder - and lower energy bills for the homeowner
  • 2 Year Warranty Badge 2 YEAR WARRANTY
  • Badge 25Yr Vessel Warranty 25 YEAR VESSEL WARRANTY

Supplied with Ideal Cylinder


  • Hot water draw of 22mm compression
  • Temperature and pressure relief valve 95° C/6 bar
  • Hot water secondary return 22mm (not fitted to cylinders below 210 litres)
  • Immersion heater 1 3/4″ BSP 3kW
  • Cold supply 22mm compression
  • Dual controloverheat thermostat pocket boiler control sensor pocket (spare)
  • Primary flow 22mm compression (28mm tails for 400 litre model only)
  • Primary return 2mm compression (28mm tails for 400 litre model only)


  • Combination inlet group incorporating pressure reducing valve, strainer, check valve, balanced cold take off point, expansion relief valve and expansion vessel connection points
  • Portable expansion vessel complete with flexible hose and wall bracket
  • Tundish
  • Dual control thermostat and combined overheat thermostat
  • Two port 22mm zone valve for primary circuit
  • Wiring junction box for primary system

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