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Logic. evolved

The next evolution of Logic with an improved user interface, easier installation and service features.

Integrate Logic2 with our Link remote boiler monitoring solution for greater control of your maintenance costs, compliance and tenant welfare.


Logic. linked

Link Cellular gives you full access to the health data, service reminders and fault notifications of every boiler in your fleet, all in real-time through the Partner Portal powered by Link.

One-off costs

There’s no monthly or yearly data subscription, Link Cellular is a one-off cost for 10 years of data.

Live target and actual room temperatures

Install Link with an OpenTherm controller such as Halo Lite or Halo RF to offer you the greatest insight into the full heating ecosystem.

Install in 5 minutes

No external wiring is required, simply plug the module into the aperture mount on the Logic2.

A complete boiler ecosystem on a single centralised portal.

remote monitoring, actionable insights.

Our refreshed purpose-built portal is designed to make managing your boiler fleet easier and more efficient.

With increased loading speeds, all boiler data including faults is sent directly to the cloud, accessible by an unlimited number of user accounts with multiple role options available (admin, installer, user).

The Partner Portal APIs can be integrated into your existing IT systems seamlessly.

  • Fault codes displayed supporting ‘first-fix’ maintenance - understand the problem before an engineer visit

  • View boiler service status with service due notifications for effective management of engineer resource

  • Understand tenant usage patterns and behaviours to identify and address unusual activity or possible fuel poverty

greener domestic heating

  • Intelligent pre-heat

    Intelligent pre-heat

    The Logic2 Combi learns tenant usage patterns based on 24 hour trends, offering faster hot water whilst using less gas compared to a standard pre-heat function.

  • Compatible with Halo Lite & RF thermostats

    Compatible with Halo Lite & RF thermostats

    Logic2 Combi is compatible with the Halo Lite & RF programmable room thermostats. Use Halo Lite or RF in conjunction with the Link Cellular module to display actual and target room temperatures in the Partner Portal.

  • Ready for 20% Hydrogen blend

    Ready for 20% Hydrogen blend

    Fully compatible with a natural gas blend containing up to 20% hydrogen.

  • Boiler Plus

    Boiler Plus

    Meets the minimum ErP criteria of 92% and when combined with Halo, which has enhanced load compensation, fulfils Boiler Plus requirements for replacement combis.

  • Compatible with green heating technologies

    Compatible with green heating technologies

    The Logic2 range is compatible with solar thermal, hybrid systems and other green heating technologies.

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