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Installer First Policy

We pride ourselves on our commitment to setting the highest standards, and maintaining a reputation for quality, reliability and providing great service. Every single one of our boilers are put through rigorous testing and control measures during production to ensure that installers have everything they need, for the installation process, exactly when they need it. Due to these measures, we are so confident in our products that we are introducing same day parts delivery in the unlikely event that anything is missing when you open the box.

The ‘no fault found’ warranty charge is being removed with immediate effect on all Base, Vogue and Logic+ models. Installers and homeowners will no longer be charged £125 for call outs and will instead be linked to training initiatives to further support fault finding and installation requirements where required. 

As part of our ongoing commitment to our ‘Installer First Policy’, we proudly stand by our extended warranties to prove our dedication to product reliability and give peace of mind to installers and the consumer. To support our drive for excellence, we always advise that Ideal products are purchased through merchants or authorised internet suppliers to ensure that the warranty is valid.

Over the coming months, we will be inviting installers to workshops and focus groups across the country to learn more about their individual experiences with the Ideal brand. We are dedicated to placing installers at the heart of our products and service, so if there is something we could be doing better, then we want to hear about it.