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VIP Campaign - T&Cs OLD

Terms and Conditions for Ideal Heating £50 Bonus Campaign

1. Eligibility:1.1 The £50 Bonus Campaign ("Campaign") is open to specially activated installers designated by Ideal Heating's Area Sales Managers in the UK and Northern Ireland.

2. Campaign Period:2.1 The Campaign is active from January 1st, 2024, to March 31st, 2024 ("Campaign Period").

3. Bonus Activation:3.1 To qualify for the £50 bonus, installers must be specially activated by Ideal Heating's Area Sales Managers during the Campaign Period.

4. Bonus Payment:4.1 The £50 bonus will be credited to the installer's Connect loyalty scheme account. 4.2 The bonus will only be paid into the installer's account after they have successfully registered their next Logic MAX boiler or Vogue MAX boiler during the Campaign Period. MAX IE are not eligible.

5. Registration Requirement:5.1 Installers must ensure timely and accurate registration of the MAX boiler to be eligible for the £50 bonus.

6. Bonus Limitations:6.1 The £50 bonus is a one-time payment per specially activated installer during the Campaign Period. 6.2 The bonus is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or any other form of reward.

7. Disqualification:7.1 Ideal Heating reserves the right to disqualify any installer who violates these terms and conditions or engages in fraudulent activities.

8. Modification or Termination:8.1 Ideal Heating reserves the right to modify, extend, or terminate the Campaign at any time without prior notice.