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Vogue Max Combi Troubleshooting Manual

Vogue Max Combi Troubleshooting Manual

This in-depth guide to the Vogue Max Combi boiler from Ideal Heating includes access to the complete user manual. Get the most out of your boiler today.

This troubleshooting guide for Ideal Heating's Vogue Max Combi Boiler contains key information from its user guide, helping you get the most out of your central heating. This is a premium boiler with high quality components, so it makes sense to understand how to take great care of it.

We’ll explain this reliable combi boiler's operation modes and when to use them, as well as looking at the model’s temperature controls and explaining how to handle fault displays. You’ll also find top troubleshooting tips that tackle some frequently asked questions.

Introducing the Vogue Max Combi

An attractive and efficient addition to the Ideal Heating range, your Vogue Max is a combi (combination boiler), which means it provides hot water for both your central heating system and taps, showers and various household appliances. Designed to be simple to install, use and service, this modern condensing boiler is built to be dependable and long-lasting.

The Vogue Max Combi Boiler’s Controls

The image below shows the layout of Vogue Max Combi’s control panel, which we’ll refer back to in this page for ease of use.

Operation Modes

Depending on the temperature outside, you might only need your boiler to provide hot water or you may need to turn up the temperature. You can adjust the settings of your Vogue Max to provide exactly what you need, when you need it. 

Central Heating and Domestic Hot Water

In this standard operating mode, your boiler will supply heat to radiators on demand. When there’s demand for both central heating and domestic hot water at the same time, the Vogue Max will prioritise providing hot water for your taps and showers.

Domestic Hot Water Only

During the summer months you may want to set your boiler to only provide domestic hot water. You can activate this mode by setting the Central Heating temperature control knob (E) to ‘off’.

Low Water Pressure

The pressure gauge on your boiler controls (G) shows the pressure of your central heating system. If you notice that the pressure has fallen below the boiler’s original installation pressure (1.0 & 1.5 bar) then follow the instructions for re-pressurising on page 10 of the full user guide for your Vogue Max. 

If you have trouble following those instructions or you find that the pressure is continuing to drop, we recommend getting in touch with a Gas Safe-registered engineer.

Quick Troubleshooting Guide

Hot Water Works OK, But No Central Heating

If your hot water taps are working as they should but your radiators aren’t heating up, try turning the Central Heating temperature control (E) clockwise. Another tip for resolving this issue is making sure the timer and thermostat are switched on, as well as checking whether any batteries need replacing.

Hot Water Temperature Too Low

If the water coming out of your taps and showers isn’t as hot as it should be, try rotating the Domestic Hot Water temperature control (F) clockwise. If the weather’s cold outside, you might need to reduce the flow of water from the tap to get the perfect temperature.

Boiler Display is Blank

If your Vogue Max boiler’s backlit LCD display isn’t showing any information, here’s what to do. First, check whether the mains supply to the boiler is switched on then make sure that your fuse box hasn’t tripped.

Too Many Restarts

If your Vogue Max boiler resets five faults within a 15-minute period, it will display a ‘Too Many Restarts’ message, in which case it's recommended that the boiler should be examined by a suitably qualified service engineer. In order to clear this message, simply turn your boiler’s power off and on.

Fault Guide

If a fault occurs with your boiler, you can rest assured it will display a description of the fault alongside suggestions for how to put things right. 

As an extra point of reference, the information below will be handy if you ever encounter any fault messages. For any page numbers mentioned, simply refer to the full PDF user manual.

For a full list of operation display codes and troubleshooting tips for your Ideal Vogue Max Combi boiler, download the complete PDF of the Vogue Max Combi user guide.

Don’t forget to register your Vogue Max Combi Boiler warranty with Ideal and arrange an annual service to keep it in the best working condition.