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100 Years Of Ideal Heating Innovation

Blog01 February 2018

100 Years of Innovation

At Ideal Heating we are celebrating 100 years of great British innovation. Innovation is one of our core values; it is at the heart of everything we do. The thorough quality tests we run ensure that our boilers live up to the same high standards every time.

Here's What It's All About

Join us on a tour of our Research, Development and Quality department and have a look all the work that takes place behind the scenes. Catch a glimpse of the research, product design and rigorous testing that go into manufacturing your boiler, and meet some of the people that make sure it delivers nothing but great results. Every single time.

As shown in the video, we test our products using state of the art testing rigs. This is part of our ongoing commitment to maintain the highest standards of excellence and efficiency.

In practice, this means that your boiler will go through over 200 quality checks before it leaves our factory in Hull. Every component needs to be perfectly configured and tested before it leaves our factory, so no detail is overlooked.

Here are some of the tests that our boilers go through and what that means for you:

Environmental testing

Boilers are tested using special tools to measure their resistance to all kinds of environmental factors such as temperature variations and humidity. These tests are necessary to ensure that your boiler will function flawlessly in any weather conditions, regardless of where it is positioned within the home.

This is important because your boiler and flue are affected by environmental factors in different ways depending on your house type. We want to make sure that our products maintain the same level of performance in any environment.

Electric testing

Every electrical component in our boilers is rigorously tested and complies with the highest standards of quality, safety and efficiency. Each model is subjected to thorough on-off testing that simulates day-to-day use in your home.

Acoustic testing

Because they are built with homeowners in mind, our boilers must seamlessly integrate themselves into your day to day life to ensure that comfort, warmth and reliability are always there. We believe that one of the best qualities a boiler can have is to be barely heard. On average, our boilers produce between 36-49 decibels (dB) of sound during the ignition phase. That’s about as much noise as a normal conversation would generate.

A lot of common kitchen appliances produce more sound, on average, than our boilers, so you can confidently install yours in the kitchen without worrying about noise levels.

The Logic+ range, for example, has received a Quiet Mark from the Noise Abatement Society. This comes as a result of ongoing efforts to improve the quality of our products and the value they add to your life.

Here is how your boiler compares to other common noises and sources of sound:

  • Rustling of leaves – 30 dB

  • Quiet library – 40 dB

  • Logic+ Boilers – 36-49 dB

  • Average Fridge – 50 dB

  • Normal conversation – 60 dB

  • Average washing machine – 60 dB

  • Average Quick Boil Kettle – 80 dB

  • Tumble Dryer – 80-90 dB

  • Average Vacuum cleaner – 85 dB

Those are just a few of the over 200 quality checks that your boiler will go through before it ends up in your home. Each product is built to be as reliable, efficient, and durable as possible so that you don’t have to worry about expensive repair bills. With Ideal, comfort is always there.