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A day in the life of customer services

A Day in the Life of Customer Services

Blog24 August 2018

Here at Ideal, we believe in providing outstanding service for all our customers. Our customer service team play an important role in everything we do here, helping both our customers and our installers. We asked Michael, who works in the Premier team, to take us through a day in the life of a customer service team member.


Hi, I’m Michael Bulmer and I have been working here at Ideal Heating for just over 3 years. My job role within customer service is working on the Premier Team receiving emails and raising jobs on our system. This includes emails from house builders, insurance companies and installers.

To give an example of some of the things we deal with, this morning we had a few emails come through with regards to people’s boilers and requesting an engineer call out. One job came through from a family with young children where their boiler's display was not working, I called the customer, went through some details, and booked an engineer callout for the next day as the boiler was inoperative.


A customer came onto our system with fault code F1 on the display of their boiler (which indicates low water pressure). After discussing the fault with the customer, I managed to walk the customer through the required steps to top the pressure on their system, after this was achieved the boiler was back up and running.


I am often asked if I get interesting calls that make the job worthwhile. One of my most memorable calls was on Christmas Eve when a customer called us for help as her boiler was flashing F2 (which is an ignition lockout). The customer was hosting a huge Christmas Dinner for all her family the next day and was panicking that she would have no heating or hot water over Christmas. Luckily, after fault finding over the phone we managed to get the boiler back up and running and save her bacon (I mean Christmas). She was so grateful, and it really boosted my job satisfaction.


After lunch, the day progresses in a similar way as the morning with jobs including booking in annual services for customers. As we have a large database, this activity is split between the team for a quicker turnaround.


As the call centre closes at 18:00, the last hours of the day are spent following up on queries we have had throughout the day and taking our evening calls. We tend to get a larger influx of calls at this time as people are finishing work and ring us when they have time to focus on any problems or queries they have about their product/service.

Call centres generally have a stigma around them, however here at Ideal Heating, the Customer Services team are one big family and we form some really strong friendships that make working as part of a team even easier. I am excited to be part of one of the main front-line services of the company, knowing our colleagues in other departments can rely on us and appreciate the work we do is rewarding. Having this kind of relationship helps everyone work together, we know we can depend on one another and push ourselves to progress as individuals.

Should you want to get in touch with a member of the Customer Services team, please contacts us on 01482 498660.