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Behind the Logo: Good Housekeeping Reader Recommended Product Endorsement & What That Means for You

Blog22 January 2018

Good Housekeeping is a very successful publication boasting an impressive 1.5 million readers in the UK. Their renowned Good Housekeeping Institute (GHI) is dedicated to testing products across a multitude of industries and offering recommendations to their readership.

The Reader Recommended endorsement is a result of rigorous peer-to-peer testing combined with GHI expertise. Products are tested by people in their homes over a period of time under the guidance of GHI experts. The data is then analysed by the Institute’s experts to ensure that each product meets the highest quality standards before receiving the endorsement.

The panel of reviewers are asked to comment on their experiences in four main areas: ease of use, performance/effectiveness, overall acceptability and finally likelyhood to purchase and recommend the boiler. The “Reader Recommended” status is, therefore, a testament to the product’s reliability and overall quality. 

The independent study was conducted on a sample of 161 readers with Ideal Boilers installed in their homes and we believe the feedback we received from them is very valuable.

Here is what the Good Housekeeping Reader Recommended endorsement meant for them

95% of consumers overall rate their Ideal boiler as being very good/excellent

Customer satisfaction is what makes us stand out from the crowd. We’ve been making sure homes are nice and warm since 1906 and have provided millions of homes in the UK reliable boilers and great customer support. Our boilers are manufactured in Hull and each one goes through 200 quality checks on average before being released to ensure that nothing but the best products end up in your home.

98% feel that the boiler provides sufficient hot water, based on their family size

We understand the importance of having the right capacity boiler to provide enough heat and hot water for your family. They are available in a variety of capacities, so you can have peace of mind knowing that Ideal have got you covered.

Say goodbye to shower water than runs cold halfway through and say hello to long, hot bubble baths!

85% of consumers feel their Ideal boiler is quiet in use

Our boilers are designed with real homeowners in mind so adding features that will improve their lives is a top priority. Our boilers are among the quietest available and have even been awarded the Quiet mark sign of approval.

89% felt the controls on the boiler are easy to use

In the words of one of the participants in the GHI’s research: “Neat looking. Information display on front is easy to understand.” Our products are designed to fit perfectly in homeowners’ lives with simple interfaces and easy to understand instructions.

The Reader Recommended logo, therefore, means that each product has been tried and tested and has met the highest standards of reliability and quality: yours.