Customer testimonial - Sure Maintenance

“Professional, reliable and approachable – that’s why we’ve worked with Ideal Heating for 24 years”

Accompanying every one of our market-leading heating products is a package of world-class customer support.

Our customers keep coming back to us because they know we’re available to help them 364 days a year – whatever their wants and needs. 

With over a century of expertise in the UK heating industry, we’ve built a brand and a name you can trust.

We chatted to Patrick Coleman, Managing Director of UK gas installation and maintenance services company Sure Maintenance, who attended our Logic Air roadshow event at Old Trafford in Manchester.

He explained why Sure Maintenance has been working with Ideal Heating for over two decades, right across the UK.


Q) Tell us about your organisation and what you do.

Sure Maintenance is predominantly a gas maintenance company. We support and service over 160,000 homes nationwide, mostly within the social housing sector, and are part of the Sureserve Group.

We install, service and maintain heating systems for both domestic and commercial buildings. We have a large installer division and a separate electrical division within the company.

We’re also growing the renewables side of the business. It’s the fastest growing part of the company at the moment, and that’s being driven by client demand.


Q) Tell us about your relationship with Ideal Heating and your past experience with the company.

As a company, we’ve been working with Ideal Heating for 24 years. They’re our preferred choice of manufacturer for a number of reasons.

Throughout all of my dealings with Ideal Heating, I’ve found them to be a professional, reliable and approachable business. Their commitment to customer service is excellent.

After sales is something a lot of businesses fall short on – once they’ve sold their product then that’s it, they think their involvement is done – but Ideal Heating is a name you can trust.

We’ve built an excellent relationship with several individuals at Ideal Heating. They genuinely care about our business and the things that are important to us.


Q) What sets Ideal Heating apart as a business to work with?

The trust I have in Ideal Heating is what sets them apart.

You can buy a boiler or another heating product off the counter from anywhere, but when you have a problem or an issue with installation or service, there’s no-one you can go to for help.

With Ideal Heating, the level of support you get is second-to-none. They’re easy to contact and have a UK-based, dedicated support team who are available whenever you need them.

The response times are the best on the market, in my opinion. It’s a brilliant service.


Q) Give us your thoughts on Logic Air.

It looks excellent. Aesthetically it looks good, and the energy performance and the difference it can make to our customers are way above anything else that I’ve seen.

As a business, we’re hopeful the heat pump market will continue to grow at pace.

It’s a slow burn in the social housing industry, but we expect that to change and for uptake to increase. The Government is behind it and is driving things forwards, which will have a big impact.


Q) What do you value most about your relationship with Ideal Heating?

The honesty of the business.

Whenever I deal with them, I find them to be open, honest and professional. That in turn means I have confidence in them as a manufacturer and as a company to deal with.

They’ve been a big name in the heating industry for a long, long time, and have a track record of producing quality products.

All of the above is why we’ve been working with Ideal Heating for as long as we have. I would recommend them to anyone.