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Customer testimonial Wrexham Council

Customer testimonial: Wrexham Council

Blog18 July 2023

“Quality products and a level of customer service you don’t often see”

As the UK’s market leader in both domestic and commercial heating, our support to customers extends far beyond our products.

With a dedicated customer support team available 364 days a year and a skilled team of engineers out on the roads every day, we’re here to help our customers in whatever way we can.

We’ve built strong, lasting relationships with our customers, who know we’re just a phone call away.

We spoke to Hamish Laird, Servicing Manager at Wrexham County Borough Council, who attended our Logic Air roadshow event at Old Trafford in Manchester.

 Q) Tell us about your organisation and what you do.

Wrexham County Borough Council is the local authority responsible for the city of Wrexham and the surrounding area.

We run all of the local services you’d expect from a council, and an important one of those is housing.

We’re responsible for the management of our social housing in Wrexham, and within that remit we have a responsibility to make our housing stock more energy efficient and to reduce our carbon footprint.

We’ve now got around 90 of our homes which have had an air source heat pump installed – 30 of which have happened this year - and we expect that number to increase as the rollout of heat pumps continues.

 Q) Tell us about your relationship with Ideal Heating and your past experience with the company.

We’ve been dealing with Ideal Heating from a gas boiler perspective for almost a decade now.

I’d say 90 per cent of the boilers we install in our houses are from the Ideal Logic range. They’ve been our go-to manufacturer over the years.

You know what you’re getting from Ideal – a quality product which is easy to install and easy to service and repair if anything needs doing.

 Q) What sets Ideal Heating apart as a business to work with?

It’s the after sales support - 100 per cent.

I need someone at the end of the phone who I know I can get expert help and support from, should I ever require it.

With Ideal Heating, you know they’re just an easy phone call away. They care about their customers and they care about the after sales side of the business, which a surprising number of companies don’t.

 Q) Give us your thoughts on Logic Air.

From what I saw and heard at the Logic Air roadshow event, it seems to be another brilliant product and offer from Ideal Heating.

I was really impressed with the Halo Air smart thermostat, and how that connects with Logic Air and gives full control of the heat pump. It’s also interesting to hear how it allows Ideal’s team to analyse the performance of the heat pump remotely, to check it’s running to its highest efficiency.

The whole package around Logic Air, with the hot water cylinder too, is what makes it stand out to me.

 Q) What do you value most about your relationship with Ideal Heating?

I said it before, but I’ll say it again, it’s the after sales.

We’ve built a really good relationship with Ideal Heating over the years. Our account manager is fantastic.

He’s easy to get hold of, and jumps on any issues straight away to get them resolved for us. He understands when things need dealing with quickly, and understands our organisation.

You don’t get that level of service from many other companies.