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Heating Engineers – Guidance on Frozen Condensate Pipes

Blog16 November 2018

It is the season where call volumes can increase significantly to both installers and manufacturers from people with problems with condensate discharge pipes being frozen and becoming congested with ice causing the boiler to shut down. 

In order to take steps to prevent this issue, the Heating and Hotwater Industry Council (HHIC) have launched an installer guide along with a customer information booklet to help get through the busiest time of the year.

Stewart Clements, Director, HHIC said;

“In March this year representatives from across the heating industry met at the HHIC offices, to review and discuss the matter of frozen condensate, which affected a high number of domestic boilers during the recent extreme weather that caused major disruption across the UK as a whole.

As a result, the HHIC agreed to update current industry guidance which would assist engineers with both installation and assessment of current condensate discharge pipes, which they can and should review during any visit to the appliance such as a service, repair or replacing a heating system.”

In addition to this guidance all other technical requirements for condensate discharge installation given in the first instance the appliance manufacturers’ installation instructions or if referred to by the appliance manufacturers; British Standard BS 6798:2014, should still be followed.”

Ideal Boilers fully supports the steps the HHIC has taken.

The installer guidance can be found here: https://hhic.org.uk/uploads/5BD996A968A04.pdf

And the consumer information can be found here: https://hhic.org.uk/uploads/5BD9966B0AB09.pdf

Visit https://hhic.org.uk/ for full details.