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Improve your Business with Ideal Heating

Blog10 September 2015

How can you ‘Add Value’ to  Improve your Business?

‘Adding value’ or ‘value added’ is a phrase we are hearing more and more in the business world, but what does it mean and how can you add value to improve your business?

Adding value means offering more. What can you offer that your competitors don’t? What can you do to make your business stand out? The concept of adding value, particularly in small businesses can mean the difference between average business and a thriving.

Marketing is King

In order to add value to your business, it’s imperative to ensure that your customers and potential customers know who you are and what you are offering. Effective marketing is a quick and easy way to help grow your business and create an impact.

At Ideal Heating, we offer our installers a great tool to help you do this. Members of our loyalty scheme, Installer Connect have access to our Marketing Toolbox. The Marketing Toolbox is an online resource where installers can use their reward points to create personalised marketing items featuring your own company logo including flyers, door drop cards, advertisements, and business stationery. We can even help you design a logo, new website or create van signage. Better still, Installer Connect reward points are worth double when used on Marketing Toolbox items.

Excellent Customer Service

In the world where social media plays such an important part of our everyday lives, and discussions about purchasing experiences are constant, excellent customer service is key. A rapid and effective response to a customer enquiry is vital to building your business.

Asking your customers to feedback on the service they have received from you is a great way to make offering a value added service work for you. Membership to our loyalty scheme provides you with a listing and profile on the ‘Find an Installer’ section of the Ideal Heating website. Adding positive feedback your profile makes you stand out from your competition when customers are looking for a heating engineer in their area.

Retaining your Business

An installer has great opportunity to retain customers for repeat business year after year.  If you install an Ideal Vogue boiler, you have the potential to retain your customer for 10 years of servicing work. Our Service Reminder Scheme is the perfect way to offer your customer a value added service.

Once you register for the Service Reminder Scheme, we will help you retain your customer’s business for the duration of the product warranty. Each year when the boiler is approaching its annual service, we will contact your customer, with your contact details to remind them to book a service with you. As the installer, you will receive an SMS to let you know we have contacted your customer. Taking the trouble of booking a boiler service by calling them first and arranging everything for them is a great way to offer extra value.

Optimise all Resources

As well as using resources offered to you to add value to your business, an invaluable tool is communication. Identify exactly what homeowners are looking for in a plumbing service. Ask your customers ‘how can we make our service better’. As well as letting your customers know that their opinion is important to you. You will gain invaluable insight on how you can add value for your customers and stand out from your competition.