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Industry influencer Graham shares Logic Air story and goes behind the scenes with Ideal Heating

Company News12 June 2024

At Ideal Heating we pride ourselves on our industry-leading products, first-class training, and quality customer service …

But we don’t expect you to take our word for it!

Influential heat pump expert Graham Hendra recently got his hands on our Logic Air heat pump after he moved house and wanted to upgrade the existing gas boiler.

When Graham moved into his new home, which is almost 30 years old, he was desperate to modernise the old boiler, which he described as having an “un-pressurised hot water cylinder and dreadful controls”.

With no temperature display, a noisy pump, and no weather compensation, Graham described the system as “Victorian”.

Like many people, he wanted to modernise his home heating system and move from a gas boiler to a low-carbon heat pump.

After searching the market for the best solution for a full heating upgrade, we’re thrilled that Graham decided that the Logic Air was the product for him.

On the back of the installation, we extended an invitation for a tour of our training and manufacturing facilities to give him a behind-the-scenes look at our operations.

With 34 years of industry experience under his belt, Graham is now an author, lecturer, and social media influencer. Beginning his career in 1990 as an air conditioning engineer and worked his way up to launching a dedicated heat pump distribution company.

Installation of the Logic Air monobloc heat pump

The Logic Air is our flagship monobloc air source heat pump, offering great efficiencies both in heating and hot water, when coupled with our Logic Air Pre-Plumbed cylinder.

Designed to deliver efficient, simple, and reliable low-carbon heating in homes throughout the UK, the Logic Air heat pump is Quiet Mark approved and compatible with radiators and underfloor heating.

When Graham installed the Logic Air in his home, he was impressed by how easy it was to fit and use.

Graham said: “This new heat pump was a revelation, turn it on, it asked me three simple questions like ‘have you got radiators or underfloor’, ‘have you got one or two zones’ and that was it.”

“Even the Halo thermostat was a sync, turn it on, press the pair button, get a glass of wine. Done.”

“Well, done Ideal – a cracking unit, beautifully built, well thought out and easy to use.”

A visit to our National Technology & Training Centre

Graham said he was blown away by our facilities, praising our flagship training centre and describing our production facilities as a “super impressive set up”.

Our purpose-designed National Training and Technology Centre in East Yorkshire was the first dedicated centre of its kind in the UK and is focused primarily on green heating technologies.

Our Expert Academy training arm now has more than 18 UK training facilities, equipping installers with the skills to fit, maintain and service domestic and commercial heat pumps.

Speaking about the National Training and Technology Centre, Graham said: “It’s massive, brand new, and nearly entirely dedicated to renewables. I have been to many a training centre and I can tell you they are rubbish compared to this one.”

“It’s super modern, with beautiful classrooms and rammed full of kit.”

“They don’t just teach low-temperature heat pump design, they teach service, maintenance, F-Gas the lot.”

Our first-class heat pump support team

At Ideal Heating, we lead the way when it comes to customer support. From a team of experts providing in-person, online, and telephone support 364 days a year, to our specialist Heat Pump Customer Service Team, our best-in-class support gives customers peace of mind.

The Heat Pump Customer Service Team was created specifically to coincide with the launch of Logic Air. The team consists of in-house, time-served technical heat pump specialists, recruited externally from a range of manufacturers, distributors, and installation companies.

This means installers and consumers alike have peace of mind that rapid and effective help is available, wherever and whenever they need it, further easing their move from working with traditional gas boilers to environment-friendly heat pumps.

A final word from Graham

Huge thanks to Graham for sharing his experiences with our Logic Air heat pump and it was a pleasure to host his visit. For the UK to meet its ambitious heat pump installation targets, the voices of people like Graham will be essential in driving change.

Summarising his experience with us, Graham said: “A super positive trip. Ideal Heating are on board the heat pump train now and I think they are going to make a big splash.”