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Living With Heat Pumps Project: Ideal Heating Explores Heat Pump Benefits for Council Tenants

Company News04 June 2024

At Ideal Heating, we are excited to announce the launch of our innovative Living with Heat Pumps project, run in collaboration with Hull City Council and the regional net zero campaign Oh Yes! Net Zero.

This initiative aims to explore the benefits of air-source heat pumps compared to traditional gas boilers in council homes. Our goal is to gather valuable data on thermal comfort, cost, energy performance, and efficiency to better understand the potential of heat pumps in social housing.

Setting Up: Comparing Heat Pumps and Gas Boilers

We are thrilled to share that we have now installed our flagship Logic Air heat pumps in four council homes in Hull and four new gas-powered combi boilers in neighbouring properties. All participating flats on Nornabell Street in east Hull are of similar size and energy efficiency, ensuring a fair and accurate comparison between the two heating systems.

Collecting Data and Engaging Residents

Over the coming months, we will meticulously collect data to measure the energy efficiency and performance of both the heat pumps and gas boilers. Residents will be actively involved, sharing their experiences to provide us with valuable insights into the day-to-day impact of transitioning to low-carbon heating technologies.

Our Commitment to Innovation

Founded in Hull in 1906, Ideal Heating has a long history of quality and innovation. We are currently undergoing a £60 million transformation to enhance our manufacturing, distribution, and research and development facilities, with a significant focus on heat pumps.

John Jackson, our Heat Pump Technical Sales Manager, emphasised the importance of this project:

"We’re delighted to be working with Hull City Council on a project which could have a real impact on the way homes in the city are heated in the future. Ideal Heating has a strong relationship with Hull City Council and shares its commitment to creating a sustainable future for all."

Supporting Hull City Council’s Sustainable Vision

At Ideal Heating, we prioritise taking ongoing steps towards a more eco-friendly future for our planet and are proud to support Hull City Council’s 2030 carbon-neutral strategy, which highlights heat pumps as a crucial area for sustainability.

Councillor Paul Drake-Davis, Portfolio Holder for Housing at Hull City Council, expressed the council’s dedication to climate action:

"We have a duty to tackle climate change and make our communities green, sustainable places to live. Working with Ideal Heating, a respected and long-established heating manufacturer in the city, will give us a greater understanding of further improvements we can make to reduce the carbon footprint of our housing stock."

Aligning with Future Legislation

Our project aligns with the UK Government’s Future Homes Standard, which will require all new-build homes to be heated by non-fossil fuel sources from 2025, significantly reducing carbon emissions. While social housing is not yet included in this legislation, the shift towards low-carbon heating solutions is clear, and we anticipate similar requirements in the future.

Keep Up with the Latest Industry News and Updates at Ideal Heating

Ideal Heating’s heat pumps trial is a pioneering project that has the potential to reshape how homes across the UK are heated, particularly in social housing. By comparing the performance of heat pumps and gas boilers, we aim to provide crucial data and resident feedback that will inform future heating strategies, contributing to a greener, more sustainable future for all.

To learn more about the latest industry developments and news at Ideal Heating, visit our blog. If you have any further questions on sustainable heating solutions, contact us today and our expert advisors will be happy to help.