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Nirvanah Lacey our Top 30 Under 30 winner

Company News17 June 2024

Nirvanah Lacey, our Trade Compliance Manager has been selected as a winner of the Top 30 Under 30 Hull & Humber.

The LEAP scheme showcases and develops the very best talent in the region. Earning a place in the Top 30 Under 30 is the beginning of a year-long journey of self-discovery and improvement, helping to build future leaders and retain the brightest talent. Delivered by leading business coaches, the programme helps young talent transition from good operators to effective managers and inspiring leaders.

Speaking with Nirvanah about the achievement she said:

“I found out I won the opportunity to be a part of Top 30 Under 30 at work. My manager got her phone out and started recording me. I just assumed she was going to show us some new AI platform, however when she advised I had been nominated for Top 30’s and won the position to be a part of this journey, it’s safe to say I nearly fell off my chair. It’s a privilege to be given this life-changing opportunity and I feel honoured that my managers felt I deserved it and put me forward.”

“It’s hard to give a small statement about a program that has had such a large impact on not just my work life but my personal life to date.”

“I would have considered myself as a fairly self-aware individual before the LEAP program, yet I am nearly halfway through the LEAP program and I have come to the realisation that although the self-awareness was there, I had no understanding of how to be the best version of myself and why I am the way I am.”

“Each session I attend, I go in open-minded with no expectations. Each session I leave, I feel I have unlocked a new level of consciousness. The skills and tools that I have been exposed to, by the most incredible coaches will not only be something I practice every day moving forward but I know for certain the rest of my Top 30 peers have also had a mind-blowing experience and unique to each of us. My wish would be that this course becomes available to everyone before the age of 30 because some of these skills are not known or practiced by people at retirement age.”

“If I could give my younger self one bit of advice it would be to take every opportunity that is given to you, you might not know what that’s going to lead to and you might not want to do anything with it but just take it, then that opportunity is yours to decide.”

Victoria Hall our Indirect Senior Category Manager and Nirvanah’s manager said:

“Nirvanah was put forward for the Top 30 Under 30 because I believe she is the most deserving in our team. She started the business around three years ago and the role in that time has expanded hugely including the complexity and expectations and she has taken it all in her stride. She has adapted and undergone additional training, showing her dedication to the role, and deserves all recognition by receiving this award.”

“She always goes above and beyond in her role and regularly goes out of her way to help others. Putting her day-to-day job aside to help with products stuck at customs, to ensure our operations can run as smoothly as possible.”

We look forward to seeing Nirvanah’s journey throughout the year as she navigates the LEAP Scheme and continues her growth with the company.