Prepare for the Big Boiler Switch On

With temperatures set to plummet over the coming days and news of a cold snap hitting the headlines, it's time to prepare for next week's 'Big Boiler Switch On’ (Monday 16th October).

We have put together an expert boiler switch-on guide, where we reveal our top tips for ensuring a smooth boiler switch-on ready for the colder periods. 


Test Your Boiler

If your heating has been off for a long period, you should plan to switch it over the coming days to ensure everything is working fine. Regularly checking your boiler can prevent the build-up of grime, dust, and other debris which can cause pipe corrosion and boiler breakdown. Following this tip will also allow you to detect any problems with your boiler before the time comes when you need to start using it more regularly in the winter. Be sure to run monthly checks on the following:

1.       Check The Power.

2.       Check The Boiler Clock.

3.       Ensure the Room Thermostat is Set.

4.       Check the Pressure.


Service Your Boiler

An important part of boiler maintenance is servicing your boiler. A service makes sure your boiler is running efficiently and safely, ensuring your home is a safer place as a damaged and faulty boiler could potentially lead to dangerous fires or gas leaks. Without regular services, your warranty will not be valid, which means if your boiler does break down because of wear and tear, you could be left forking out thousands on a new boiler that might have otherwise been covered under warranty. To help ensure your boiler is running efficiently, find your local installer on our website

Bleed Your Radiators

If you notice the heat isn’t circulating the whole radiator evenly, it probably means that they need bleeding. This is especially important if your heating has been off for a long period, as trapped air could have built up. It is recommended that you bleed your radiators annually, even if they seem to be working just fine. Watch our handy guide on how to bleed your radiators. 


Protect Your Pipes

When the temperatures drop during winter, standing water in your pipes can freeze, causing them to burst or stop your boiler from working. Ensure you prevent this from happening by insulating your pipes and running your boiler on low during the night to stop pipes from freezing. Watch how to defrost a frozen condensate pipe


Purchase a Smart Thermostat

We highly recommend purchasing a smart thermostat so you can control your heating from anywhere, drastically limiting heat wastage and increasing energy efficiency. Being able to control your heating even when you are out of the house takes unnecessary strain off your boiler whilst saving money and energy.