Reliability guaranteed with a 7 year boiler warranty on Logic+

We’re so confident in the reliability of our Logic+ boiler, all models in the range come complete with a 7 year parts and labour warranty.

Installers are at the heart of everything we do.

Our Installers are at the heart of everything we do and play a huge role in the boiler design process, because they’re the ones working with them every day.

That means, we ask them for their suggestions on how we can improve the products, and work with them to make the boilers easier to fit and service.

Installer opinions are a really important part of our product development and we understand that reliability is priority number one.

When an installer recommends a product, we know they're putting their reputation on the line. If the boiler breaks down after six months you, the customer won’t be happy, and may not trust our boiler brand or your installer in the future.

Reliability guaranteed.

At Ideal, we rigorously test all of our boilers to ensure only the most reliable products leave the factory.

Throughout the design and manufacturing process we’re checking quality, process capability, assembly, and that every boiler functions safely and is working correctly.

The production process is designed on a ‘no fault forward’ basis. This means we have clear guidance at every stage of the process, so that every product is repeatedly built to its stringent manufacturing procedures.

During the assembly, checks are in place to ensure components are sited correctly through the use of jigs. Cameras ensure the correct parts are installed and pressure checks are carried out make sure there aren’t any gaps between components, which would lead to leaks.

Then there’s a final function test on safety and integrity, to make sure the boiler’s modulating correctly, and the case is sealed properly before it’s allowed to leave the factory.

7 year warranty.

Because we’re so confident in the reliability of our Logic+ boiler range we’re offering a 7 year warranty on all Logic+ boilers installed and registered before 31.12.2014. .

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