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Say Hello to Halo

Blog01 September 2020

Controlling your heating doesn’t have to be difficult. Whilst some heating controls seem to be full of complicated schedules and small screens with limited information, at Ideal Heating our aim is to make your heating work around you in the most easy and efficient way possible.

Introducing Halo

Ideal Halo is the new heating control from Ideal Heating. Designed to perfectly complement the Ideal Vogue and Logic combi boilers, Halo has been designed to make heating your home simple and straightforward. There are 2 new controls in the Halo range; Halo Combi RF and Halo Combi Wi-Fi. Both have the same modern, great looking control. Halo Combi Wi-Fi has the added benefit of internet connectivity, allowing the user control from their smart phone via the Ideal Halo app and access to a range of smart home features.The Halo control itself is a wireless programmable room thermostat, it can be sited in a variety of locations and comes with a desk stand included so you can choose whether you want it on the wall or freestanding.

Developed with the homeowner in mind

The Halo has a large, clear, colour screen which uses large numbers, plain English text and coloured symbols to make it easy to understand and use. The central dial makes for intuitive navigation and the buttons are smart keys, relating to the screen above. Extensive user testing during development means Halo has been developed with the homeowner in mind.

Heating adapted to your lifestyle

Halo has flexible control that means your heating can be adapted for your lifestyle. With schedules that enable up to 6 heating periods a day and different schedules for different days you can tailor your heating schedule to you. Other clever features include holiday mode, which switches your heating off for a pre-set period of time before returning to your schedules or even childlock, so little hands can’t adjust the heating by mistake, Halo takes care of everything.

Smart home compatibility

Halo Combi Wi-Fi connects to the internet and means you can control your heating remotely with the Ideal Halo app. With all of the functionality of the Halo with you, any time, anywhere you can adjust your heating temperature, mode and schedule remotely. The Ideal Halo app also means you can access some great smart home features, like compatibility with smart home assistants. By simply linking to the Ideal Halo skill in your Alexa or Google home app you can enjoy voice controlled heating, simple say “Alexa, make it warmer in here!”.

All from your mobile phone

In addition to smart home assistant compatibility the Ideal Halo app also lets you use Geolocation to control your heating. Geolocation is flexible, location based heating control, the app uses the location of the your mobile phone to determine whether there is anyone at home. If someone is at home, the heating runs to the pre-set schedule, if everyone is out, the heating is off, saving energy and avoiding heating an empty home. As soon as the first person crosses the preset home boundary and returns home, Halo will bring the heating on. So it doesn’t matter if you work shifts, are in and out at different times of the day, or end up staying late at work. Halo will ensure your heating is working efficiently for you.

Discover more about Halo at idealheating.com/halo