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Supplying the Full Product Package to the New Build Market

Blog25 July 2019

At Ideal we try and make things as easy for our clients as we possibly can and when it comes to the new build market sector, we make no exception. We offer, not just outstanding products, but services and support every step of the way. From Design through to registration.

Design Service

Our in-house design team based at our Hull site, where all of our boilers are produced, tailor each system design to our client’s requirements. With independent SAP advice available as part of our comprehensive package we ensure that their targets are achieved in the most economical way possible. For our clients it’s as simple as; complete our developer checklist, email their house plans, we’ll do the rest.

Once the designs are completed, we provide a full schedule of equipment (including boilers, radiators & ancillary components). Plus, detailed layout drawings showing the boiler and radiator positions and the pipe runs and their required sizes for both heating and domestic hot water services.


Legislation covering new build homes is now tighter than ever (which is surely a better thing for both the environment and householder’s energy bills), with homes having to be better insulated and use more energy efficient ways of not just heating a property but generating hot water as well. As we all know achieving these new legislation requirements can be expensive for a house builder, with the added complication of installation for measures such as solar panels. To help meet with legislative demands at a competitive price we designed the Logic Combi ESP1 and the Logic Code Combi to achieve greater ratings in SAP.


The Logic Combi ESP1 has been designed to be lightweight (with our 35kW output weighing less than 30kg!) and compact, fitting inside a standard kitchen cupboard so the boiler can be kept out of sight. Additional features include simple in-built controls, covered connections and OpenTherm connectivity as standard, the Logic Combi ESP1 ensures a compact and tidy installation every time.

Our Logic Code Combi ESP1 boiler has a built in Flue Gas Heat Recovery (FGHR) unit. This means the boiler takes additional heat out of the flue gases (that would normally be lost through the flue) to pre heat the incoming cold-water mains to the boiler before it is then heated further in the plate heat exchanger. This means we get a better efficiency in domestic hot water mode. As a result, the Logic Code Combi ESP1 is capable of producing 10% higher flow rates than our standard combi.

Our range of System and Heat Only boilers are paired alongside a full Ideal cylinder range from 120 – 300 litres, with solar compatible and pre-plumbed options available also. Things don’t stop there, building on our rich heritage with Stelrad we can provide all the radiators sized in our designs as well.