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Your ErP Questions Answered by Our Energy Related Products Directive Expert!

Blog12 September 2015

We’re all about making it easy for installers to get to grips with ErP. During our recent Twitter Q&A with Installer magazine, installers across the UK were given the chance to ask our ErP expert, Adam Foy, their ErP related questions.

Here’s a full list of questions and answers in case you missed it!

Q: Is ErP just about putting labels on boilers?

A: Not entirely, ErP is about making it easier for consumers to compare the energy efficiency of their heating.

Q: When will installers have to produce a package (system) label?

A: Installers will need to calculate & produce a package label when supplying a complete heating system, classed as boiler + control and/or solar device, not if installing a boiler or boiler + hot water cylinder.

Q: What EXACT documents will installers have to give to their customers?

A: If they are only supplying a replacement boiler just the ErP label & product fiche that came with it. If they supply a complete system, the ErP labels & fiche for each product, plus a package label & fiche.

Q: Where will these documents be found?

A: In the product packaging, or on manufacturers’ websites if the product was on sale before 26 September 2015.

Q: How do installers fill out a product fiche?

A: For a basic boiler + control system it’s the space heating efficiency % figure of the boiler plus the efficiency % of the controls class. This gives a total % which translates to an A, A+ etc. We’ve produced a step by step video, available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSKRXd9FbVA

Q: What’s the best way to produce the label?

A: We got an online calculator to make it easier for installers, here: http://idealboilers.com/installer/erp-calculator/ or on the Installer Connect app

Q: Do the labels have to be printed in colour? Can they be printed on plain paper rather than sticky labels?

A: The package label can be printed on plain paper, but must be in colour, installers can send a pdf to customers from our online ErP calculator.

Q: Does the “system/package label” take heat loss into account?

A: No, a system/package label doesn’t need to as standard cylinders aren’t included in the package, only solar.

Q: What happens if installers don’t follow the new rules?

A: Compliance is compulsory and will be monitored by the National Measurement Office.

Q: How long will it add onto an installer’s day?

A: With most systems it shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes, provided all the product info is to hand.

Q: Is there a calculator to calculate ErP for systems using multiple brands components?

A: Our calculator can be used for an Ideal boiler & any manufacturer’s controls. Check merchants’ websites or HHIC

Q: Is the ErP info for your boilers available on your website?

A: Yes, via the installation manuals and spec sheets are available here http://idealboilers.com/installer/product-literature/

Q: Can the Energy related Products (ErP) Directive provide good opportunities for installers?

A: Absolutely, ErP is an opportunity to educate customers about energy efficiency, by upgrading their system, adding better controls, better maintenance through power flushing, water treatment & upselling services.