• Logic 2 Combi Rf Preview

    Ideal Combi Boilers

    Combi boilers are better suited to smaller households with one bathroom. They are the full package in one compact unit supplying heating & hot water.

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  • Logic 2 System Rf Preview

    Ideal System Boilers

    System boilers are suited to homes with multiple bathrooms and as they only require a cylinder to store hot water, the are perfect for homes with little or no loft space.

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  • Logic 2 Heat Rf Preview

    Ideal Heat Only Boilers

    Often considered the tradition boiler, heat only boilers require a separate hot water cylinder and cold-water storage tank and are perfect for homes with multiple bathrooms.

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Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are redefining how we heat our homes, providing low carbon heating that is efficient, reliable, and effortlessly simple to use. Designed to work in new build and retrofit installations, working with traditional radiators and underfloor heating.


The Ideal Thermstore range of stainless steel cylinders are manufactured to the highest standards and are designed to compliment our heat and system boilers.