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How to Upgrade to a Combi Boiler

How to Upgrade to a Combi Boiler

Combi boilers are one of the most popular heating solutions in the UK, having many advantages over traditional heating systems, such as their ability to save energy, money and space. It can be notoriously difficult to change your heating system, swapping from a system or heat only boiler to a combi boiler. Here, we lay out the facts and share all you need to know before deciding whether upgrading to a combi boiler is right for you.

What Is The Process of Changing To A Combi Boiler?

Changing your heating system over to a combi boiler can take a lot of specialised work and can involve some upheaval. You’ll need to employ a Gas Safe registered engineer to do the job. It’s a legal requirement that only Gas Safe registered professionals can work on gas appliances as a poorly installed boiler can be extremely dangerous. At the very least, a poorly installed boiler can perform less efficiently which could cause problems for you later down the line.

Depending on your already existing heating system, installing a combi boiler could very much involve running pipes under your flooring. If this is necessary, this is of course a very big job and can add to the time and cost of installation. 

Depending on what current heating system you have, you may need water tanks, storage cylinders and pipework removed. This can add time and money to your combi boiler upgrade. You may also benefit from having new radiators fitted at the same time as your new boiler installation, but this is a personal preference. 

For more expert advice on the process of changing your heating system, you’re always welcome to talk to our team.

How Long Does It Take To Install A Combi Boiler?

The time it takes to install a combi boiler can depend on a few different factors:

  • Whether you already have a boiler

  • What fuel you are using

  • Whether you are relocating your boiler

  • What type of boiler you are having installed

  • Whether you are changing the type of boiler, and what type you are changing to and from

  • Any complexities due to the type of home, existing water supply, etc.

As a general rule, we would say that installing a combi boiler takes one to four days to complete. That is taking into account any problems your current heating system could pose. To get a more accurate quote on how long installing a combi boiler will take, use our Boiler Finder or talk to our team

When Should I Change To A Combi Boiler?

You should upgrade to a combi boiler if your current boiler is coming up to 15 years old. Combi boilers can be up to 90% more efficient than other models, so if your boiler is old you will definitely reap the benefits of a new boiler. 

You could consider changing to a combi boiler if you’re planning an upcoming house renovation. If you need pipework adding or re-doing, having a combi boiler installed could become a very messy job as it may involve having pipes fitted under the flooring. So, it could be a good idea to get your combi boiler installed as part of your house renovation to minimise any disruption. 

Is It Worth Changing To A Combi Boiler?

Changing to a combi boiler can have many advantages, but they’re not for everyone. A combi boiler may not be the best choice for a very large property with numerous bathrooms, for example, as it could make using hot water outlets simultaneously quite the challenge. It’s important to check that a combi boiler will be right for the size of your property before deciding to make the switch. 

For many people, one of the most attractive benefits of combi models is they only heat water as and when they need it — that means money saved on energy bills. Combi boilers also take up much less space compared to traditional heating systems as there is no need for an extra water tank or storage cylinder, which is why it’s a great choice for a smaller property. There are many more advantages to upgrading to a combi boileradvantages to upgrading to a combi boiler which could make it very much worth the upgrade if a combi boiler is suitable for your property. 

Combi boilers are also compatible with Ideal Heating’s Halo thermostats, which are simple and easy to use. They are energy efficient, giving you full control over your home's thermal comfort whilst reducing your bills and carbon footprint. Read our guide for more information on combi boiler thermostats. 

Now that you are equipped with everything you need to know about upgrading to a combi boiler, you might be interested in this handy link to find local and national installers, including Max Accredited Installers who have undergone training with Ideal Heating.