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10 Reasons to Train as a Gas Heating Engineer

Installer Blogs31 August 2020

Working as a gas heating engineer could be the career you’re looking for if you want a job that offers real rewards and prospects — and never slogging through a dull day. 

No matter whether you want to change careers or are just starting out in the world of employment, this exciting job has lots to recommend it.

In this blog we have narrowed down 10 of the best reasons to work and train as a gas heating engineer. We look at everything from apprenticeships, boiler training courses/schemes and getting hired, all the way to registering as Gas Safe, career benefits and making a mark in the central heating trade:

It’s an In-Demand Business

A career as a gas heating engineer gives you real job security, because there’s a strong and consistent demand for these skills. Whether it’s installing gas appliances or maintaining systems, fixtures or fittings, there will always be a need for these jobs to be carried out to a high standard. 

If you want to find a stable career and lay down strong roots for the future, training up in this trade could definitely be the right move. 

You May Already Have Relevant Skills

If you feel daunted by starting a brand new career, it’s good to know you could already have some skills that will help your career as a gas heating engineer. Do you pick things up quickly, adapt well to new situations and have strong organisational skills?

Some more talents that will help you in this job are being a good communicator, a knack for problem solving and being comfortable working with technical plans.

Different Routes to the Job

If you’re keen to get on the path of becoming a gas heating engineer, the good news is there are several ways to get started. You could choose to sign up for an apprenticeship or join a college course, depending on what works best for you. 

Both of these routes involve hard work and commitment, but having different options to suit you and your experience will help you along the way.

Hard Work is Rewarded

Once you gain your qualifications and join the Gas Safe Register, you can reassure customers that you are skilled and experienced when it comes to working with gas. Training as a gas heating engineer gives you a career with great prospects… it’s not ‘just a job’. 

The more work you put in, the more you will get out of this role. If that work ethic appeals to you, it’s definitely worth finding out more about this profession.

A Salary that Increases with Experience

According to jobsite Reed, the average salary for a heating engineer in the UK is £34,223, which shows how highly valued this skilled profession is. Your starting salary is likely to be less than that, but it’s a career where you can quickly improve your income as you gain more experience.

If you end up running your own business, you will have the chance to increase your earnings by a significant amount. Which leads to...

The Chance to Become Your Own Boss

As you gain more knowledge and experience in your role, you may find yourself with the opportunity to become self employed or even start your own business. If you’re ambitious and keen to keep on developing your skills, the sky’s the limit.

How far you progress in your new career is really up to you. Working hard, continuing to learn about your trade and building strong relationships will all be very important. 

Every Day is Different

When you complete your training and become a gas heating engineer, you’ll find lots of variety in your work. Plenty of time is spent out and about in this role, so you’ll be meeting new people, visiting new places and working on different projects  — from domestic to commercial jobs. 

If you’re the sort of person who enjoys trying their hand at different things and not being stuck in one place, this career definitely fits the bill.

Flexible Working Hours

Not only will you enjoy a lot of variety working as a gas heating engineer, you’re unlikely to be stuck to a standard 9-to-5 working day. If you’re contracted to a parent company there may be less flexibility involved, but you’ll still have more freedom than your average office or retail job.

In addition to having the freedom to work in different environments, this career can give you the chance to do it at a time that suits your needs best — something that can be ideal for family life.

A Real Sense of Achievement

If you’re the sort of person who enjoys seeing the direct results of the work you’ve put in, you’ll be a great fit for this career. As a gas heating engineer, you’ll be doing plenty of hands-on work, providing real value and completing jobs that feel rewarding.

You’ll come across different challenges to overcome, stretching you both physically and mentally. Each day will come with the chance to learn and develop new and useful skills.

Enjoy Support from Ideal Boilers

As you work with central heating systems and install boilers in your new career, you’ll be able to benefit from our training courses and completely free loyalty scheme Installer Connect. We’ll work hard to offer a wide range of support, from points and marketing materials to instant product registrations, helping you out in every way we can.

Installers are at the heart of everything we do at Ideal, so we believe in showing how much we appreciate their work through exclusive offers and rewards for installing Ideal boilers. 

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