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Heating Your Home the Ideal Way

Blog22 January 2019

Could the Beast from the East strike again? It seems, despite our best hopes, snow and arctic conditions are on their way. With forecasts claiming snow will cover parts of the country for up to a month as temperatures plunge, there is no better time to ensure your home is where the heat is! Here are some great tips on making sure your boiler is in the best shape to combat and withstand the encroaching, bitter conditions.

Ask yourself the following questions, to make sure your home is the hottest place to be:

Has your boiler been serviced this year?

An annually serviced boiler is a happy one. Making sure your boiler is well-maintained means it is more efficient and less likely to break down. In other words, look after your boiler and it’ll look after you. Make sure your boiler is serviced as early as possible by a Gas Safe Engineer, which you can find on our website here. 

Are you trying to be efficient?

Winter equals sky high heating bills, right? Not always. For example, simply reducing your room temperature down by one degree could cut your heating bills by up to 10 per cent. If rooms aren’t often used around the home, turn the TRV (Thermostatic Radiator Valve) to a lower setting so you’re not wasting heat on an empty room.

Are you heating your home the smart way?

Coming home feels like a warm hug with the Ideal Touch Connect. The new app allows you to heat your home on the go, from your phone, so you can set your ideal temperature whenever and wherever you like. Link your Ideal Touch Connect with your Amazon Alexa and ask her to turn the heating up or down for you. Saving energy and controlling your heating has never been easier.

If you answered no to any of these questions, then we’re happy to help. For advice and guidance on making sure your home is where the heat is contact our customer services team on 01482 498660.

Top tip: The Ideal place for your thermostat is in a cold part of your home, for example the hallway.