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Ideal Heating
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Ideal Boilers Rebrands to Ideal Heating

Company News20 November 2020

Here at Ideal, we’re thrilled to announce we have undergone a rebrand, taking on a new identity that goes beyond describing one single element of what we do. By rebranding to the name Ideal Heating, we aim to fully embrace each of the different aspects of the service we provide, keeping households warm and comfortable throughout the year.

Heating the Nation

While we may have taken on a brand new name, one thing that hasn’t changed is Ideal’s reputation as a market leader in high-performance heating solutions. Our new name highlights everything from our outstandingly efficient boiler range to our brand new Halo programmable thermostat, a simple and stylish heating solution for the modern home.

This new line perfectly sums up our approach to providing solutions that are both progressive and reassuringly straightforward. Built for the future with wi-fi and smart device connectivity, it’s also crafted with the homeowner firmly in mind with its plain English controls and intuitive design.

We are truly proud of our heritage as one of the few surviving truly British manufacturers in our industry. Having worked out of our manufacturing plant and offices in Hull since we were founded in 1906 as the National Radiator Company, we have a true and deep understanding of the needs of the British public. All of this makes us even more excited to push forward and continue to innovate in our new identity.

Green for ‘Go’

You may have already noticed our website has a fresh new look, with a bright and bold green taking centre stage. This represents our positive approach to our mission of delivering the absolute best in customer service to both installers and consumers first time, every time. 

The green also symbolises our continued commitment to using renewable materials and energy resources in our design and production processes. We couldn’t be prouder of having become the first boiler manufacturer in the world to be certified to ISO 50001 for energy management with BSI (British Standards Institution).

One of our key aims is to continue to show our dedication to the environment is not just surface deep. In recent years we have recycled bricks when our offices were redeveloped so new properties could be built with them, along with making great strides in returnable packaging and successfully decreasing waste volumes year-on-year. We place great value in green innovation and are devoted to finding new sustainable approaches in all areas of the Ideal Heating business.  

Continuing our Journey

With over 100 years of experience taking care of domestic and commercial customers, at Ideal Heating, we know all about adapting to the changing needs of the world around us. It’s as vital as ever for us to continue pushing the boundaries of technology and setting new standards. At the same time, we remain committed to the founding principles that have consistently underpinned the Ideal business — to always provide quality, innovation and value

“We’re delighted to bring all of our areas of expertise under one simple and straightforward banner, clearly showing Ideal’s dedication to keeping the nation warm and comfortable”, said Ideal Heating’s CMO Jo Shepherd. “The name may be different and the colours may have taken on a new shade, but our dedication to the quality of our product and service remains. This fresh new identity is a fantastic platform for us to continue innovating and creating the very best heating solutions for customers and installers.”

Bookmark our Ideal Heating blog for more heating-related news, expert tips and to stay up to date with all of our latest posts and updates.