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Ideal Heating and the Future

Company News20 November 2020

The need to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions is recognised across the world in response to global climate change. With the UK target to achieve Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 both Government and customers are focussed on a greener future. At Ideal Heating, we have a large part to play in this future: heating in homes, commercial buildings and industry at present accounts for around a quarter of emissions in the UK[1].

We recognise there will not be one single technology to enable the UK to achieve its Net Zero target and we must consider a diverse range of solutions to decarbonise heat. Gas condensing boilers provide most of the heating in the UK today giving an affordable and reliable solution to millions. Future products must not only deliver reduced carbon emissions but do so in a way that affords the consumer the least disruption as possible.

Ideal Heating are working hard on our next generation of products, whether that be heat pumpsHIU, commercial heat pumps or next generation boilers. We are doing so with the UK home owners, businesses and installers in mind. We believe the solutions of the future are worth working hard for to ensure the highest quality and ease of use. While we recognise there will be many products that come together to achieve the net zero target, we promise we will work with all stakeholders to ensure our solutions are right for the UK market going forward.

[1] Committee for Climate Change (May 2019), Net Zero Technical Report