​Key changes in notification have recently come into effect

The Department of Communities and Local Government has clarified the changes to requirements of Regulation 20 of the Building Regulations (England), regarding work being carried out by a registered gas engineer as Gas Safe registrants.

The changes relate to how notification to Local Authority Building Control should be made, and what needs to be notified.

The two key changes to the requirements which affect gas engineers are:

  1. If you carry out work that needs to be notified, as a Gas Safe registered business, you are responsible for notifying it – you can no longer rely on your customers to do this.
  2.  All heat-producing gas appliances and associated heating and hot water system installations must be notified – not just domestic work and also applies to installations in new-build developments.

Gas Safe engineers must now notify works on all gas appliances including: boilers, hot water heaters, warm air heaters, gas fires and cookers with integral boilers.

You can notify works through one of three available routes: Gas Safe Register, APHC or boiler manufacturer that offers this facility.

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