The Ideal Guide to sightseeing in Miami

Sightseeing in Miami

There’s a reason over 10 million tourists visit Miami each year and it’s not just for the beach! Miami is home to loads of fun things to do and in our Ideal guide to Miami, we’ll have a look through our top 10!

Miami Speed Boat Image

10. Adrenaline Junkie Miami Jet Boat Tour

Fancy yourself as a bit of an Adrenaline Junkie? Then this is the tour for you. Speed through Biscayne Bay in a fast-paced tour, skirting several islands along the Miami coastline. If you make it back to land, ‘Survivor’ t-shirts are available… 

Feeding Giraffes

9. Miami Zoo

Come face to face with some of the incredible animals that call Florida home at the Miami Zoo. The Zoo has several different areas, including ‘Amazon and Beyond’ where you can experience the rainforest, with jaguars and venomous snakes, there’s also, ‘Wings of Asia Avery’ which is the largest Asian-themed aviary in the western hemisphere with hundreds of beautiful birds. There’s plenty to see and do at Miami Zoo. 

Miami Pub Crawl Cover 1

8. Party Bike Happy Hour Tour

Pedal to the Metal on the Party Bike Happy Hour Tour! The Bike tour travels through the trendy Wynwood neighbourhood and comes with a guide to lead you through your adventures. The aim of the Party Bike is to stop at as many bars as possible during happy hour! Once you’ve finished your drinks at one bar, hop back on the bike and on to the next one! Warning, it could get messy!

Pirates Adventures Sightseeing Tour From Miami In Miami 444869

7. Pirate Adventure Sight Seeing

See the sights from the water as you travel through Biscayne Bay on the only pirate ship in Miami! From the skyline to the mansions of the rich and famous, from Miami port to Miami beach, you’ll see it all, you’ll also be entertained by pirate music and performers and if that’s not enough, there’s a bar on board! Keep an eye out for dolphins, manatees and of course, buried treasure. 

Wynwood Buggy Tour

6. Graffiti Golf cart tour

Didn’t think Graffiti and Golf would ever merge? Well you’re wrong. Get driven around the Wynwood Art District by a professional guide in a golf cart and have a private tour of the ever-evolving neighbourhood, famous for its massive street art murals. The guide will give you all the information you will need regarding the best restaurants, breweries and galleries in Miami! 

Miami South Beach Art Deco Walking Tour In Miami Beach 450931

5. Art Deco Walking Tour

South Beach is home to the famous Art Deco architecture of Miami. On this guided tour you will experience the area with an Art Deco expert leading you through the history of the neighbourhood and it’s Hollywood and mob life past. On the tour, stops include the Versace mansion, the Carlyle Hotel and the Wolfsonian, as well as pointing out buildings which have appeared in TV shows and movies. 

Blog - Miami Castle

4. Coral Castle Museum

Visit what some Miami natives call one of the wonders of the world. This castle was built singlehandedly by one man, Ed Leedskalnin and to this day, nobody knows how he did it. It took Ed 29 years to build the castle and he built it in complete secrecy. Go see the mystery for yourself and see if you can work it out. 

900X600 Big Bus

3. Big Bus Miami Hop-On Hop-off tour

One of the best ways to see Miami is from the Big Bus Hop-on Hop-off tour. If you buy a day pass, the bus will transport you to more than 40 popular attractions all on your own schedule, plus the bus has on board commentary to make the most of your travels. 


2. Little Havana

Miami is famous for its diverse cultures and you can dive straight into the Cuban culture in Little Havana. It’s notorious for always being lively, with Cuban music playing in the streets. Visit for its history of immigration, fantastic art galleries, fine Cuban Cuisine and of course, you must try a Cuban Cigar!  

Miami Beach

1. Miami Beach

Our number one Ideal guide to Miami destination is…. MIAMI BEACH. One of the most famous beaches in the world! An absolute must see. You can spend your day relaxing on the 4 miles stretch of golden sands, accompanied by bars and outside gyms along the way, although, we’d recommend doing those activities separately. Miami Beach is an absolute MUST.