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Top 14 Heartwarming Films with a Feel Good Factor

Blog24 June 2020

Settling down to enjoy a heartwarming film with popcorn and a loved one — what could be better? Whether we’re enjoying a laugh-out-loud comedy, a stirring romance or an inspirational adventure, there’s nothing better than a great movie to help us leave our stresses behind. 

Our movie-loving mascot Boilerman couldn’t agree more, and he’s been busy recreating some of the most iconic heartwarming moments in Hollywood history, starting with the famous clay modelling scene from Ghost.

Inspired by his big-screen adventures, we started thinking about our favourite feel-good movies and created this list of 14 perfect cinematic pick-me-ups. Set your thermostat to your ideal temperature and get your snacks at the ready!


The feelgood inspiration behind one of our Ideal heartwarming movie moments, when couple Sam and Molly are tragically separated, they are given a final chance to reconnect and say a proper goodbye thanks to a medium who is more gifted than she first appears. Celebrating 30 years since its cinematic release (13 July 1990 in the US and 5 October 1990 in the UK), this 90s classic continues to offer up an unforgettable blend of romance and fantasy. 

Dirty Dancing

Starring Patrick Swayze  and Jennifer Grey, this endlessly quotable movie sees the smitten pair dance their way through a journey of love and self discovery. Swept along by a sensational soundtrack, Johnny and Baby have the time of their lives during the final scene as they charm the audience with the film’s famous choreography.

Singin’ In The Rain

Let go of your troubles and bask in the feel-good factor only a true Hollywood classic can provide. Routinely called the greatest musical of all time, this beloved yarn follows three screen stars as they navigate their tangled romantic lives and the fickle world of showbiz. Watching Gene Kelly swing his umbrella and have the time of his life in a downpour, almost anything seems possible.

Paddington 2

Lovable bear Paddington’s second big-screen outing is bigger, bolder and even more charming than the original. Finding himself framed for a dastardly crime, our marmalade-loving hero is placed behind bars and must find a way to melt the hearts of a rag-tag set of fellow prisoners to clear his name and save the day. 


A retired balloon salesman, a boy scout and a bird called Kevin may sound like an unlikely recipe for an uplifting movie classic. However, this story of an elderly man who slowly rekindles his sense of adventure has quickly become a firm favourite for families. Add to the mix adorable talking golden retriever Dug and the result is a heartwarming story that’s not to be missed.

An Officer and a Gentleman

Richard Gere and Debra Winger star in this romantic drama about an unlikely love affair between a Navy recruit with something to prove and a fiery factory worker. The rousing final scene, where Gere literally sweeps the object of his affections off her feet, is among the most romantic big screen moments of all time.

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

A firm family favourite, E.T. is the story of an alien stranded on Earth and the group of pals determined to help him return home, always staying a step ahead of scientists who are keen to catch and study him. The image of a bike carrying the friends as it casts a shadow across the moon is one of film’s truly iconic moments and guaranteed to send hearts soaring.

Fantastic Mr Fox

The main message of this charming animation based on Roald Dahl’s beloved book is that we’re all a little bit different… and that’s OK. The charismatic and crafty Mr Fox, voiced by George Clooney, must step up to take charge when the homes of his fellow woodland creatures are threatened by three greedy farmers who are nursing a grudge. 

The Wedding Singer

Packed full of classic tunes, pitch-perfect performances and eye-catching cameos, this 1980s-set romantic comedy manages to hit all of the right notes. Weaving the tale of a star-crossed couple played by Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, The Wedding Singer is a sweet and enjoyable feel-good movie that never fails to lift our mood.

The LEGO Movie

Everything is awesome — what more is there to say? Even if you’ve never seen the film, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with its catchy, Oscar-nominated theme song. The story of this relentlessly positive animated adventure follows unlikely hero Emmet as he embarks on an epic quest to save his LEGO-brick world from evil, helped by the courageous ‘Master Builder’ Wyldstyle. 

Top Gun

Filled with action, excitement and romance, this 80s big screen masterpiece follows talented pilot Pete “Maverick” Mitchell (Tom Cruise) through Naval Fighter Weapons School. As Maverick competes to become the best, it’s his love story with instructor Charlie that really sends our hearts soaring — we have high hopes for the long awaited sequel!

My Neighbour Totoro

In this charming animated offering, adorable monster Totoro and his fellow forest creatures lift the spirits of a girl who has moved to the country to be closer to her mum, who is recovering from illness in hospital. A supporting cast of unbelievably cute characters combined with an uplifting story of overcoming adversity help to make this a modern feel-good classic. 

Little Miss Sunshine

This delightful comedy-drama achieved huge word-of-mouth success after audiences fell for its quirky characters and uplifting themes. When the Hoover family embarks on a cross-country road trip in a cramped minivan so youngster Olive can compete in a beauty pageant, tempers quickly start to fray — but the value of gaining support from our loved ones soon shines through.   

Groundhog Day

Bill Murray stars in this time-travelling fantasy which shows there are always small ways to spread cheer and find new things to enjoy, even when each day feels exactly the same as the last. With romance, warmth and a very cute groundhog, this comedy has all the right ingredients to lift our spirits — even if we’ve seen it a million times before. 

If you’re feeling the cold at home and even a cheery film isn’t enough to fully warm the cockles of your heart, take a quick look at our award-winning boilers or get the most out of your current model with our latest heating tips for homeowners.

Are there any classic movies missing from our countdown of the most heartwarming films ever made? Get in touch with us on TwitterLinkedIn or Facebook to share your favourite feel-good flicks and we’ll make sure they’re added to our watchlist.